Jan. 20th, 2013

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Internets, yesterday I finished revising While We Run, the sequel to When We Wake.

Then I slept for TWELVE HOURS, and it was beautiful. At one point Roomie Matt came home from the place he has been housesitting and I was like, hey, noises, maybe I should interact with another person! So I did that, and then I went back to bed.

I am actually not positive if I dreamed him. I'm pretty sure I didn't. No! I didn't! There was laundry on the balcony!

It is so GLORIOUS not having anything to do. I think this is how people are supposed to feel about weekends, but I haven't really had weekends for most of my adult life, and neither have many of my friends. Creative types tend to have to fit the creativity around a job or activity that earns them enough money to pay rent and eat, so two whole days of free time that you have every week is this amazing yet mythical tale of which I have heard tell.

But I am on holiday until Monday! Although I do have to write my January Sleeping Beauty essay and also start a short story. Which is practically NOTHING. ACRES of free time!

SO today I woke up at 2pm. I did some laundry, I baked some scones, I played some WoW, I watched some Vampire Diaries and Parks and Recreation and I read some Avengers fic. And I was like, what else do people do?

They update their blogs!


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