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Oct. 13th, 2017 10:42 am
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I've most of a day at home with 'no interruptions' (I'm on my own until 12:30pm, and I have to leave at 3pm), so I'm trying to make progress on a number of things. And while I'm having a low pain day so I can do quite a bit of housework, I'm having a high scatty day, and trying to focus is really hard. I'm employing a number of tricks, but would be interested in hearing more.

So the first thing is that every 'task' set is either really short and obvious ('reply to yesterday's email from J'), or has a specific time limit ('spend 20 minutes tidying up the bedroom). This means that I'm getting lots of positive reinforcement, as I've put the tasks in Habitica, and get to tick them off and get rewards frequently. Secondly, I'm putting the tasks in to the list as they come to me, and then making myself do them in order, so that I don't end up at the end of the day having done either the fun or the easy ones, and then hating on myself for having left lots of shit jobs for Saturday, which is already hell on wheels.

Those of you who are also scatty will have looked at my twenty minutes, and laughed at me, because focusing that long? Yeah, I know. I've made iTunes give me an ~20 minute play list, and each time the songs change, it triggers me to think about what the next sub-task is, or whether I'm still on the task I started on. So far, that is working well. It also means that I know what the last song in the list is, and so when it gets to that, I look at the room and work out what the most urgent thing is that I want to finish.

But before that, I'm doing lots of talking out loud, lots of specifying what's next, and lots of counting. So, for example, in the bedroom, there was a pile of wash that needed folding and putting away, and I watched myself shy away from it several times, because it was Too Big (about half a wash basket). So I made myself count each item (15) as I put it away, and that kept me from losing track.

And reminding myself of the rule that I only have two hands, so I should only be looking at at most two things to deal with at any given time, and that the goal is to have done Something, rather than specific things in each room is helping as well.

And my break times are at the computer, but I've moved everything so I have to stand up, and that means that I don't want to linger there, which means that I'm actually getting back on task, because I look at the list on the computer, and then start the music, and then go to the next thing (I've finished three so far, and typing this has been my third 'on the computer' break, having got one of my email accounts read for the last two days)

Mid Week Anti Procrastination Time!

Oct. 10th, 2017 07:39 pm
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Here we go, it's time for that starting bell to ring and for us to let loose on the things that will no longer be procrastinated.

So what's it going to be for you? Big or small, easy or hard, tell us all about it. Let us cheer you along, and bolster up that motivation, because while we may not be physically there with you we're out here waving pompoms and believing that you can do it!

In need of a challenge - in deference to my own fatigue levels at the moment - I'm going to say set a timer for an appropriate length of time (5/10/15 minutes) and go for it! What can you get done? Tackle a pile or a task, clean a floor or organising a drawer or just do a bit of washing up until that timer goes.

If your personal goals are higher or your energy is abounding *eyes you jealously* feel free to do multiple rounds of time setting.

Don't forget, every good deed done deserves a reward - so what's your reward going to be?


Anti-procrastination Time!

Oct. 3rd, 2017 09:24 pm
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It's Tuesday or Wednesday depending on where you are and how late/early it is and so it's time to stop procrastinating and do that thing!

Now, if it's late and you're tired, there is always tomorrow, so feel free to leave your personal non-procrastination until then. Make sure that you take in to account three important things when deciding what you're going to tackle

1. Your self care needs
2. Your available time
3. How much something really needs to be done and what will be the impact of having achieved it.

It's important whenever you're deciding to tackle things to consider your energy and pain levels and any other health and wellness related issues. A gloriously tidy home may be lovely, but it's no good if you've knocked yourself out achieving it and it's going to stop you being able to do even basic things for the foreseeable future - the house won't look great by the time you're well enough to start again. Little and often within your own limits is better all around in the long term.

Time - again, don't use all your time on cleaning, relaxation and enjoyment are a thing too and if you don't get to spend any of your time on them, it impacts negatively on the primary goal of maintaining your self care needs. Also deciding how you're going to spend the time you are putting aside for tackling things can help you utilise that time more efficiently. What is five minutes long enough to do? What about ten? How can that big job you need to do be split to make it more manageable?

How important is that thing that you're going to tackle? That is what number three is about. Prioritise - we can't do it all (yet), so in the available time what will make the most positive difference to you. What is important to you - is it about appearance? practicality? is it dealing with bills to avoid accruing extra charges? is it a health/well being task (cleaning for hygienic purposes for example)? or is it just something that you want to get done because ultimately you'll feel better knowing that it's been dealt with?
Will spending a few minutes on decluttering help reduce tasks in the future - less to clean, more space for storing what you want to keep.

Lots to consider, lots to base your priorities on, but also a good reminder that because someone else is tackling one thing that is on our own BIG to do list, doesn't mean it should have been on our 'to do first' list.

Good luck, you can do it! Let us share your trials, tribulations and all that glorious success!

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