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Nothing! Oh my paws and whiskers, can this be so?

It's academic bidding time in my teacher training cycle. We don't write essays - we make presentations, while tutors ask us sharp questions to expose gaps in our knowledge. It's a little like defending your thesis A LOT.

So far, I have done a presentation on NZ's National Education Goals and Guidelines and the National Administration Guidelines. Next, my various study partners and I have presentations on human development theory and practice, legal and ethical issues in teaching, and NCEA (the NZ qualifications system).

As you might imagine, this involves some reading! Some of it's dull, and some of it's incredibly fascinating, but none of it is what I consider leisure reading.

(We've also been preparing for our special education fieldwork. That starts this week, and Internets, as you can imagine I really don't want to stuff that up. Oh, and we've been working on Te Reo Māori. Thanks to Japanese, I can roll my Rs like anything! But also thanks to Japanese, I always mispronounce "au".)

ANYWAY, upshot is, nothing completed in my downtime. (ahahahaha "downtime").


The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, Holly Black. Oooooh, sibling stuff and media in action. I am a sucker.

Cold Steel, Kate Elliot. VAI WHAT ARE YOU DOING. STOP.

Also, I feel I should note that the copy-edit on this book is sublime.

A History of the Wife, Marilyn Yalom. Non-fiction, about just what it says. Euro-American focused, with a brief stopover in ancient Israel, but acknowledges this straight up. Awesomely feminist, intriguingly historical.


Supernaturally, Kiersten White. The continuing adventures of Evie! Can't wait. Although I have two weeks of academic bidding left, so I suspect I must.
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