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Oct. 26th, 2016 11:21 pm
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I get migraines, so please avoid quick strobe-like cuts. I like vids with lyrics, in English or French. Other than that I’m cool with whatever music speaks to you!
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Misc. linkspam

Oct. 27th, 2016 12:15 am
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"I Waited 96 Years! Born Before the 19th Amendment, We’re Electing a Woman President".

On YouTube: "THE AMAZING TRIPLE SPIRAL (15,000 DOMINOES)". (~2 min. 30 seconds) "I spent 25 hours spread over 8 days building this massive triple spiral structure with 15,000 dominoes."

"Russian Artist Creates Fantasy Animal Sculptures From Velvet Clay".

"I Baked Every Technical Challenge From “The Great British Bake Off” And It Was A Fucking Disaster: TL;DR: Just go to the shops and buy a cake instead". [Buzzfeed]

"EMiO Releasing NES Advantage-Style Joystick For The NES Classic Edition".

"Tom Hanks Is Totally Up for Wooing Channing Tatum in the Splash Remake". [io9]

"How Sondheim and Lapine Made a Masterpiece with Sunday in the Park with George". [Playbill]

"Return of incandescent light bulbs as MIT makes them more efficient than LEDs". [January 2016]

"If Women Wrote Men the Way Men Write Women". [McSweeney's]

"Two Women On ‘The Bachelor’ Started Dating and I Am Finally Vindicated". [Autostraddle] "Also, you know what? I deserve this. With the hours I’ve logged into this show, my reward shouldn’t just be a feeling of gratitude that I’m not straight. I watched Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise – I deserve to know that two women on The Bachelor probably shot a confessional being upset about something Kyle/Ben/Jamie/Geoff said and then went where the cameras couldn’t see them while stifling laughter and then made out."

On Atlas Obscura:

--"Y’all, You’uns, Yinz, Youse: How Regional Dialects Are Fixing Standard English".

--"Sex, Drugs, and Broomsticks: The Origins of the Iconic Witch". [October 2014]

--"The Lesbian Vampire Story That Came Before Dracula". (Spoiler: it's Carmilla.)

On Mental Floss:

--"11 Authors Who Hated the Movie Versions of Their Books".

--"Restaurant Serves Food Prepared by Grandmothers From Different Cultures".
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I caved and updated Firefox the other day (going from something like 44.something to 49.0), mostly in hopes that YouTube would start working properly for me again. Alas, YouTube continues to behave oddly (and I'm too tired to try describing it), and on top of that, the browser is now all laggy. I even have only about half as many tabs open, since Tab Groups has been turfed and the tabs not in my main group were automatically tucked into a Bookmarks folder during the update. (I've installed the equivalent add-on, but haven't actually started making use of it yet.)

Aaargh. >.<

In other grumpy news, I was exhausted and badly zonked most of the day at work. I slept badly and inadequately last night, but not enough so to justify the degree of sleepiness while I was at work, IMO. At least it was only an 11.5 hour day. (I say "only" out of habit, but so far the days at Casual Job have mostly been quite reasonable; whether/how much that'll change remains to be seen and likely depends on how long this round lasts.)

In better tech news, Tweetcaster updated for the first time in ages and I finally got the update a few days after Ginny did, so I finally (finally, finally) have the quote-tweets option on my phone. Tweetcaster had an interim update that had the feature, but my old phone's Android version was too outdated to support that update, and the current phone was (we think) too new to be supported until now. Or something.

[ profile] scruloose texted while I was at work and said, "Claud would like everyone to know she is not pleased about the ceiling in my den being patched", and when I asked if she was yelling at him again, he said, "Not yelling, quite, but she's Very Disappointed and not hesitating to tell me about it. (With pointed demonstrations--trying to push the patch open while perched on the bookcase...)"

Note that the hole in question (the one she climbed through on the weekend) isn't even directly above the bookcase--which is one thing when she was launching into it and catching hold of something inside with her front claws, but the mental picture of her reaching up and pushing on the patch while on the bookcase seems a bit...precarious.
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R found a place to live in California.

Sort of.

from Tumblr
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As reported on Twitter yesterday, a bit of purely fannish happiness: as of yesterday, at least three people I know were actively reading Deadline. Interestingly, none of the three are among the several people I know who've read Feed at some point in the last few years and either consciously opted not to keep going or just haven't gotten to it yet; in two cases (the two who're in a position to see this post), I didn't even know they were reading Feed until they were already into it or finished.

With any luck, we'll have a new transcriber in the office tomorrow! (A guy who has another job, and so is only available intermittently, but every bit helps.) If so, I'll probably do more flipping back and forth between transcribing and proofreading; last week was mostly the former, as we have a new proofreader this session (and I really like her, which is a perk).

[redacted: boring logistics of how we juggle the workload when we're understaffed]

Today I hit the bare-minimum point I wanted to reach in my freelance work for the second script that's due Friday, so now I have to polish and tweak both, and then, if I have any time around Casual Job, I can look at pushing into the second half of this volume (which is my next deadline). I'm also waiting on answers from the translator of the due-Friday script I got a draft on a couple days ago. *fidgets*

I never get over how much work some Hakusensha titles are. Do they pay their manga-ka by the word?! (I have zero idea how manga creators are paid in Japan. But the sheer wordiness of some titles is eyebrow-raising. And hair-raising. Meep.)

My other ambition today, other than doing laundry (done!), was getting some reading done. But when I finished working and went downstairs, Claudia wanted some blanket time as soon as I settled on the sofa, and after that I fell asleep before I even made it to opening the book I'm reading. >.> And then slept for two hours. Oops.

And now we've finally seen the extended Ghostbusters cut! Which, in addition to the extra 15+ minutes of footage (see this article I linked a couple days ago for an overview), has multiple places where different cuts were slipped in to replace lines and jokes from the theatrical cut. I knew that the "salty parabolas" line had been replaced from someone ([ profile] twwings?) live-tweeting their viewing, and had a theory about why, but now that I've actually seen this version, my impression is just that the cast did so much ad-libbing and playing around that the director/whoever just swapped in alternate versions for fun/to shake it up, not because they thought these takes were inherently better than the ones in the theatrical cut.

Overall (and AFAIK this is the consensus from [ profile] wildpear and Ginny, too) I think it's worth seeing, very short + no real spoilers, but cut for some pros and cons )

And overall, IMO the theatrical cut is just plain better paced. I imagine I'll stick to that in future viewings.
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"Meet Amybeth McNulty, star of new Anne of Green Gables series for CBC, Netflix". [CBC]

"“A Honeypot For Assholes”: Inside Twitter’s 10-Year Failure To Stop Harassment: For nearly its entire existence, Twitter has not just tolerated abuse and hate speech, it’s virtually been optimized to accommodate it. With public backlash at an all-time high and growth stagnating, what is the platform that declared itself “the free speech wing of the free speech party” to do? BuzzFeed News talks to the people who’ve been trying to figure this out for a decade".

"Google Has Quietly Dropped Ban on Personally Identifiable Web Tracking".

"The story behind Michelle Obama's state dinner dress makes it even more stunning".

"Nasty women have much work to do". "The nasty women gather on the heath just after midnight. It is Nasty Women’s Sabbath, Election Eve, and they must make haste."

"E Is For Empathy: Sesame Workshop Takes A Crack At Kindness". [NPR] (Disclaimer: I read the article but didn't watch any of the video.)

"Dapper Crip: Queercrip Encounters with Fashion and Community". [Autostraddle]

"Surfing Under the Northern Lights: There’s a thriving surf scene in Norway’s Lofoten Islands, where the waves are cold and the air is colder". [New York Times]

Via Boing Boing, "How the Truth Set Snopes Free: For over 20 years, Webby Winner has debunked just-so tales and urban folklore. In today’s age of (dis)information on the Internet, we need Snopes more than ever. Esteemed journalist Rob Walker profiles the man behind the Web’s most trusted source".

"Why Black Cat Myths Are So Bogus". [Front Page Meews]

"19 Things You Need To Know About Bubble Tea". [Buzzfeed]

"A Man’s ABCs of Miscarriage". [The Rumpus]

"The hideous, diabolical truth about Hillary Clinton". [Washington Post] "Before Time, Before the Earth Was Made, Before Matter and Being and History: Hillary Clinton (Lucifer, Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, Prince of Darkness, Satan, She Whose Many Names the Cats Scream in the Night) is cast out of heaven for overweening hubris. She is condemned to lie in eternal torment in a lake of fire surrounded by her fallen angels, or, alternatively, to run for a major office while female. For thousands of years she lies outside time, smelling of sulfur, before deciding to undertake the second option.

Oct. 26, 1947: Hillary Clinton, a robot, is constructed by Saul Alinsky, then slipped into a bassinet and delivered to the Rodham house, where it stores its Six Human, Relatable Memories of squeegeeing, family life and honest toil..."

"Dame Again - Early ‘lost’ Maggie Smith appearance painstakingly restored". [BBC]

Via [ profile] alisanne, "17 Times The Internet Called Out The English Language". [Buzzfeed]

"The Racist and Sexist History of Keeping Birth Control Side Effects Secret".

"Trump has exposed the rot at the core of the Republican Party".

"The Stranger's Endorsements for the November 2016 General Election".
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It’s a spinning top and it does spin, so, I don’t know…it’s unattractive but functional?


from Tumblr

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Oct. 24th, 2016 07:48 am
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Good morning everyone, and welcome to Radio Free Monday!

Ways to Give:

[ profile] editrx has been struggling to keep her indy bookstore afloat for this past year, and on top of her troubles there, she's now been the subject of a violent assault by her housemate. She's dealing with mounting medical bills and trauma from the assault and needs a lawyer to ensure her attacker is charged properly and convicted. You can read more and give here, send a giftcard for groceries (to or support Starcat Books by purchasing here.

Buy Stuff, Help out:

[ profile] deesarrachi linked to Please Give Me Your Money So I Can Buy A Vagina, an autobiographical one-woman show by Julia Lynn Marsh, which began as a fundraiser for her SRS and is now showing off-Broadway in NYC as part of the United Solo Theatre Festival. If you're in the area and want to see the show, you can read more and buy tickets here.

Help For Free:

Represent is a startup nonprofit working to get more underrepresented groups (people of color, women, people with disabilities, LGBT+) into public media such as iflm, television, and theater. They're competing for a $100K grant and need votes to win; voting ends tomorrow so you can vote here today!

Ciaccona linked to SNELovesPets, a social media campaign to raise money for New England animal welfare organizations. Post photos of your pet to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtag #snelovespets for the rest of October and for every image uploaded, Subaru New England will donate $5 (up to $60K) to New England animal shelters. You can read more about the campaign here.


[personal profile] in_the_bottle and her flatmate are looking for someone to share a 3br in Fulham, London (SW6); rent is L737/mo plus utilities and council tax; they're looking for someone to start late October or early/mid-November. You can read more and get in touch here.

And this has been Radio Free Monday! Thank you for your time. You can post items for my attention at the Radio Free Monday submissions form or via email at copperbadge at gmail dot com. If you're not sure how to proceed, here is a little more about what I do and how you can help (or ask for help!). If you're new to fundraising, you may want to check out my guide to fundraising here.
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Fannish/Geeky Things

Toby Daye fans! Priscilla Spencer, who did the map of the Kingdoms of the Westlands for the newest book, is selling copies here.

"The Extended Ghostbusters Cut Fixes the Film's Biggest Plot Hole". [io9]

"The United Federation of 'hold my beer, I got this'" compiles a bunch of marvelous Star Trek Tumblr headcanon about humans and humans' relations with other species.

"Hot Topic's New DC-Based Jackets Look Sort of Great". (To be honest, I only particularly like the Supergirl hoodie, but it's adorable.)

"Wonder Woman, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Princess Leia Have the Same Birthday Because Obviously They Do". []

Social Justice (all from The Establishment)

"What Is The Role Of Autism in Art?" [Sarah Kurchak writes about The Accountant] "Neurotypical reviewers—whose expertise ranges from having an autistic child to talking to the parent of an autistic child to having interacted with an autistic person at some point—are taking it upon themselves to decide what is and isn’t realistic and/or offensive about the film’s portrayal of autism. Outside of a few allies amplifying our views on Twitter, every single thing about The Accountant has been by and for neurotypicals, as if we don’t also go to movies, write about movies, and maybe even write our own movies—as though we can’t watch, read, and listen to what the rest of you are saying and thinking about us."

"The Disturbing Science Behind Subconscious Gender Bias".

"What Being A Phone Sex Operator Taught Me About Sexism And Racism".

"The Remarkable Privilege Of Running".

"Not Like Other Girls: Reflections On Hair And Queer Identity".

"Why I’m Scared Of White Women".

Cute Stuff

Via [ profile] lnhammer, "15+ Tiny Animals In Tiny Sweaters That Will Make You Go Aww".

Via [ profile] jimhines, "15+ Unbearably Cute Sloth Pics To Celebrate The International Sloth Day".

Also via [ profile] jimhines, "24 Cats That Have Failed Adorably".

"Shop Cats: Photographer captures charming felines living in Hong Kong's shops".

"Photographer captures what kittens look like mid-pounce".

Small wins

Oct. 23rd, 2016 06:33 pm
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I have tennis elbow (self diagnosed, as there's no way I'm likely to get an appointment with the GP any time before my arm falls off).  As this is my drinking arm and I've just started my black belt classes, I'm trying to avoid doing anything "unnecessary" - which includes large quantities of housework or gardening.  Last week, mopping Ma's kitchen and bathroom floors had me in agony for most of the day.

Today's bitesizing included 
- taking a couple of bags of garden waste, the old bath shelf and a very old venetian blind to the tip
- putting away a load of clothes/bedding/towels that have been hanging on a clothes airer for "some" time
- putting away the clothes airer so that I can actually get to the bedroom window
- clearing out and holding a funeral for the dead veg from the bottom of the fridge
- rearranging the freezer to make room for the shopping
- looking for new futon mattresses - I only didn't order one because I need to arrange a delivery date
- de-cobwebbing the kitchen and living room
- deep cleaning the coffee machine
- arranging a heating repair visit

It's not much, but every little helps.
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I hadn’t done much origami this week so I thought I’d get back into it with a small magenta sloth. :D

The diagram is from Anita Barbour (pt1 pt2)

from Tumblr

Foster pup

Oct. 22nd, 2016 11:29 pm
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I have been fostering a puppy! My friend Xio found him in her yard, scared and skittish but still tame enough to lure into her apartment. She was too frazzled to keep him around, so I offered to take him in, since I have some limited experience with handling dogs. Also because he is so dreadfully adorable. I bathed him the first night I got him, he pooped on my carpet. He's had a couple of accidents peeing in the house since but not in the last couple of days! Not only that but he's gone from being super scared of all the things to being relatively calm, and he's even a little playful now. He really just needed a stable place with regular food and walks.

The first morning after I took him in he snuck past me out the door and his idea of playing was goading someone to catch him, which is annoying because this also freaks him out!!! I had to follow him a bit and we went around and around a laundry room. He wouldn't let me get close and I couldn't tell how close he would let me get until too late. Finally I went around the other way and he saw me coming from the direction he was NOT expecting so he froze and let me pick him up. Since then I've been more careful about him being near the door. He is otherwise really good about being left home, as long as I've given him a really long walk beforehand.

I took him with me to the bank on Friday afternoon, and he just walked and walked and walked, even though it was incredibly hot out. This dog has got some kinda stamina. I'm tempted to walk him some 5km just to see how long he'll go. He was avoiding grass for a time, preferring pavement, but now he's enjoying being on the grass and gambols a little, even. I'm very pleased with the progress he's made in the couple short days I've had him. He finds himself a little place to sleep whenever I'm in the room (a shelf of mine, usually, or a crowded corner) but when I get up to leave the room he has to follow to investigate. Even so, he won't come when called, and he doesn't really bond well. He doesn't mind being cuddled but he hasn't instigated it.

He's also not great with big crowds of people--we came across one today while walking on campus and he froze on the middle of the pavement and wouldn't walk some more. I had to nudge him to the side before he was comfortable walking past them. But he is much better than before with strangers. We've also had encounters with other dogs and he at least shows some requisite curiousity about them instead of just running away!

A professor Xio knows is interested in taking him, so we're waiting to hear back from her to see if her family's into the adoption. Xio's also put up Craigslist ads looking for the original owner. Our theories are that the pup either ran away or was abandoned. I'm leaning towards abandoned, considering that Xio found him in her yard and she lives in a house right by the foothills around here which have COYOTES. I'm pretty impressed by how he's survived. But we do think he was owned before: he's good with a leash on, and he's really tame, and he knows how to climb staircases. He's also been relatively easy to housetrain, and I suspect it's because he HAS been housetrained before, once upon a time.

And he is, all told, really adorable! He's really small, with wiry hair on his back. I think he's part dachshund, at the very least. I'm super tempted to adopt him myself, but as long as my schedule is such a see-saw, I don't really have the wherewithal to take on a puppy as young as he is (he's supposed to be about 7 months) and train him the way he ought to be trained. So if there's someone who wants him and has experience with difficult dogs, he should go with them! I'm just glad I got to foster him and help him settle down and come out of his shell a little. The professor was very impressed by him. Fingers crossed puppy gets a home soon! She'll let us know by tomorrow night what the verdict is, and if so, she'll get him on Thursday.

(Xio has been calling him Simon... I just call him "pup pup." I'm very creative.)
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All else about The Vampire Diaries aside (and if I have anything else to say it'll be inherently spoilery, so it's not going in this post), I remain both amused and grumpy that Allison Scagliotti is playing a character named Georgie. The universe is fucking with me, y'all.

Dewey's Readathon is going on this weekend. I've never participated and probably never will, since AFAIK it's always in October and April, when I'm either at Casual Job or trying to pack in as much freelance work as possible before work starts up for the fall. (A Twitter acquaintance has pretty much literally just sat down with Deadline as part of the readathon. *wriggles*)

This weekend involves a lot of work, as all weekends during Casual Job do, but tomorrow night is Ghostbusters (extended edition) night at Chez Ginny-and-Kas, and I am veryvery excited. I believe Chinese takeout will be involved. (Here: "This Video of Kate McKinnon's Ghostbusters Outtakes Is the Lone Bright Spot of 2016". [io9])

(We'll have to have another viewing sometime soonish, too, because a couple of local friends who still haven't seen the movie at all aren't able to make it tomorrow. But I've had the Blu-ray since release week and it's burning a metaphorical hole in my bookcase.)

The Logan trailer dropped a few days ago, and I don't know what to do with myself. I think the kindest thing I had to say about the first Wolverine movie was "well, it was better than X-Men 3" (possibly the single most-loathed movie of my life; I saw it opening weekend in theatres, haven't seen it since, and am still furious at what an unfathomable, horrific embarrassment it was), and the second Wolverine movie had its moments but annoyed me in places and overall I didn't bond.

So having FEELINGS about this trailer is very, very weird for me. I don't understand. Found-family bonding! Wolverine being (as I am FAR from the first to say) the best he is at what he does, that being MENTORING BADASS YOUNG GIRLS in a non-creepy, supportive capacity! And despite my mixed-to-negative feelings on Wolvie's solo movies (and the fact that I never bonded with the character all that much in the comics), I've always love Hugh Jackman's performance.

So. I'm excited for a Wolverine movie. That is a thing that's happening.

I hope I don't regret it too much.

I haven't delved into what info may be out there about the context; I haven't seen Apocalypse yet (!), and don't know how Logan connects to the original movie timeline or the altered one or anything. And while I do know who the girl in the trailer is, I've never read any of the comics that include her. (Before this week, I knew a character with that code name existed. I now know exactly as much as is contained in this io9 article.)

(Sidenote: Johnny Cash's "Hurt" cover? A+ music choice, IMO.)

Claudia's Ceiling Adventure

Oct. 22nd, 2016 11:11 pm
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Not that long before midnight last night, while I was talking to [ profile] xicanti about some key events from the last three seasons of The Vampire Diaries (in preparation for my watching the season 8 premiere tonight [ETA: since it's been about three years since I stopped watching, to be clear]), [ profile] scruloose came to my office to tell me we had a problem:

Claudia had been on top of a bookcase in his office that was about a foot below one of the several ceiling holes throughout the house (there's been a lot of rewiring over the years, and patching the holes has just never been much of a priority), and then she'd leaped up into the ceiling and disappeared.


(This after months of Claud showing interest in the ceiling hole in my office and getting held up so she could peer into the one by the light switch, and my vague worries about the largest hole in the house, semi-above the kitchen island. For some reason the hole she finally vanished into never occurred to us as a problem. *so much facepalm*)

I'm not entirely clear on how long it took us to get her down. We tried summoning her with treats and the noise of a crinklepuff toy and cracking open a can of food, and she sometimes came back to the hole she'd gone into, and other times peered down in the garage, but she seemed to be happy as a clam up there. We focused on a garage hole, since it was the largest one in the ground-level ceiling, and eventually [ profile] scruloose was able to get hold of her after we tried opening the can of food.

Except then she freaked out and tried to flee deeper into the ceiling. And she's an escape artist, so she slid right out of his grip, and he caught her by a hind leg before she could quite disappear, and then he had to get as far into the ceiling space as possible to slowly drag her out. Emphasis on SLOWLY, because she was terrified and wriggling and latching onto everything she could with her front claws, and [ profile] scruloose was balanced semi-precariously up off the floor while all this was going on. O_O

He did finally get her down (as you might guess from the fact that this post isn't incoherent textual shrieking). Over her protests and lashing tail, we brushed her a little and wiped her paws (and rubbed a damp cloth over her) in case anything nasty had gotten on her, and she ate a hefty portion of the food we'd opened, and accepted some treats. She's fine.

Through all of that, even when [ profile] scruloose was pulling her down and she was scared and unhappy, she didn't leave him with a single scratch; the same was true when I was toting her upstairs and getting thwacked repeatedly with a very anxious (and grumpy) tail.

She was much less happy to find that [ profile] scruloose kept the door of his office closed until after he went to the market today, and that he immediately sealed up that ceiling hole and several others; as soon as he opened the office back up she bolted in there and stared up at where "her" hole had been with great annoyance. She clearly made no connection between her grand adventure and its distressing conclusion.

Oh, my most excellent, overly-intrepid kitty.

Anti-Procrastination on a Tuesday

Oct. 18th, 2016 07:19 pm
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Hope everyone is having a good week. It looks like time for a little more anti-procrastination.

How are things going on that front for people? What are the plans for today?

Being absolutely honest I'm not even sure what to tackle right now myself - too many bits that are in need of doing and not too much energy (or inclination!). Looking round, I think I'm going to try and make a difference in a small space by figuring out where things ought to be and tidying them away - it's probably about a metre square in floor space but if I tackle it, there will be a number of benefits - 1. it will be done (yay!), 2. things currently there will be where they ought to be and 3. access will be improved in that area to the drawers and cupboard. That all sounds pretty positive for something that should hopefully only take about 10 minutes.

So with that in mind, I'm going to challenge you to find something small that will make a difference and improve something for yourself - some ideas could include preparing something for tomorrow to make the day easier, tackling something outstanding with a deadline, clearing a small area to improve appearance, usability or access.

Drop by and let us know how things are going and in the meantime here are some pompoms to get you started on your way. *\0/**\0/**\0/**\0/**\0/**\0/**\0/**\0/**\0/**\0/*
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This'll be the first full week of the fall session at Casual Job, and I'm taking the fact that we didn't work today as a good sign for us having Mondays off (which is really good for me in terms of staying on top of my deadlines). ("Mondays off" officially became the way of things a couple of years ago [?] [!], but it's turned out not to be the case during the spring round of work. The reasons for that are not at all applicable in the fall, but it means I feel uncertain about the Mondays thing at this time of year regardless.)

[ profile] scruloose was home sick today, in that liminal state of "sort of sick/sort of feeling it coming on, and hoping that a day of lots of extra sleep + rest will keep the cold from settling in", and we both slept late into the morning before having a very quiet day. [ profile] wildpear came over for a short workdate early in the afternoon, and between that span of time and a bit of extra work later (after an accidental nap), I adapted a bit over a third of a manga volume. The end of that script is in sight, but not as close as I'd like; hopefully I can fit the rest of it in during the week, so that next weekend + Monday I can focus on the other script that's due at the end of the month.

If my extra sleepiness (even by my standards) over the past few days means that I'm fighting off the cold, I hope the fight is successful. Being sick during Casual Job would be a terrible idea. >.<

Other than work, today included Jinksy!snuggles, reading a novel (Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver), and catching up the second episodes of Conviction (naturally, the third aired tonight) and this season of Elementary. Not bad. ^_^

Given Casual Job, I don't know what the odds are of catching up on Killjoys ([ profile] scruloose and I are two episodes into season 2 now) before Hal-Con happens in a couple of weeks. (I don't think I mentioned that, via purchasing weekend passes from various people who'd bought them and couldn't go [thanks to a guy on the con's Facebook page matching buyers and sellers], [ profile] scruloose, [ profile] wildpear, M, and I are indeed going.) I haven't particularly looked at the schedule yet, and I don't know what the odds are of Killjoys spoilers coming up in any con event that Aaron Ashmore's involved in anyway, but I'd still prefer to be completely safe on that front, just in case. :/ Guess we'll probably just have to hope for the best.

Dear Festividder

Oct. 17th, 2016 01:14 pm
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Dear Festividder,

First off, thank you for making me a vid! I love vids, and quite honestly I would be happy to see a vid in any of these fandoms. I have suggested music for some pf them, but please don't feel bound by what I've suggested, and I have no qualms about oft-vidded songs, either.
Tintin, Fraggle Rock, Ghostbusters, Miss Fisher, Spy, Star Trek: The Animated Series )
Thank you, Festividder! I am super excited to see whatever you come up with, for serious.

<3 and vids,

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