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--It feels odd to use "TGIF" when I need to get a ton of adaptation work done over the weekend, but hey, it's work I get to do at home on something more closely resembling my normal sleep cycle.

--This has been an exhausting week, and admittedly last night I both slept badly and had my alarm go off while I was mid-dream, resulting in a dream hangover, but the amount of caffeine I needed to keep from literally falling asleep at Casual Job was a bit horrifying. (So naturally it's now about 1 AM and I'm not in bed yet.)

--But! On Wednesday [personal profile] wildpear and I saw Age of Ultron (in 2D, thank heaven), which was my second time but her first. I did like the visuals a lot better than I did at the non-IMAX 3D showing I saw first, and I think overall it hung together better for me than it did the first time around, but...I still have mixed feelings about it.

--I think I'm overdue for an icon shuffle.

--Catching up on TV is still a bit of a far-off dream, but [personal profile] scruloose and I caught up on Orphan Black last night, and tonight I caught up on Penny Dreadful and saw two episodes of Person of Interest (leaving two more to finish the season, I think?).

I'm thinking of creating a second Twitter account in the name of having one that's specifically fannish (and probably locked). Since the part of my work I talk about by name online is manga adaptation, it's not like I can't be as geeky as I please on my [ profile] ysabet_m account, but...I don't know, having some sense of space would be nice. I think. (I say this bearing in mind that for several years I maintained two LiveJournal accounts--a flocked "personal" one and this account, which was specifically meant to be the geeky-and-public one--and ultimately I stopped liking the division and simply stopped updating the other account entirely.)cut for pondering the matter of usernames )
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Everyone who has been needing to see characters with disabilities in more fiction knows that MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is all made up of disabled characters, right? 
  • Furiosa uses an artificial hand. (Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it was Valvoline (exploding.))
  • Immortan Joe uses some kind of assisted breathing device.
  • Joe's brother or whatever is a little person in a mobility chair.
  • Nux has tumors on his trachea that affect his breathing.
  • The warboys in general have some condition that causes them to require regular blood transfusions. (Admittedly, that condition could be "very dangerous lifestyle.")
  • The Doof Warrior has no eyes.
  • The leader of Gas Town has a Tycho Brahe-style decorative metal artificial nose and a wicked case of foot edema.
  • Max has intrusive hallucinations, possibly PTSD flashbacks.

And I'm resigned to the fact that we're about to see a glut of movies made by people who saw FURY ROAD & thought "Great! People don't WANT explanation or backstory or worldbuilding or character or reasons for anything to happen!" Because moviemakers are going to notice that this movie did not stop to provide any infodumps and people loved that. And the kind of hack-ass storytellers who can't provide information except in an infodump are not going to bother noticing the wealth of information that the movie steadily, nonverbally, delivers.

The obsessive ornamentation on everything drives home that these are a people who have lost television. They aren't spending their evenings playing World of Warcraft, they're spending it painstakingly coiling recycled metal wire into skulls to enhance the fetishistic power of their steering wheels.

Furiosa has one word about her character arc: "Redemption." One word. The movie then goes on to reveal, in a completely non-Joss-Whedon-clever-dialogue kind of way, that spoiler ) I could see how that would leave a person with a score to settle.

Joe - I know I keep coming back to Joe, but since he is the one who ran the citadel, the citadel and the army speak most to his character. And - weirdly, considering his motivation in the whole film is spoiler ) - his character is that of a despot who allows his subordinates considerable initiative.

Consider the argument that ends in strapping Max to the front of Nux's Chevy:
spoiler )

Mallory Ortberg correctly noted that if Joe had been serious about spoiler ) And all of this the movie suggests without a spoken word.

And all the characters with disabilities, are not there because this is a Very Special Episode of the Apocalypse. They're there to show that this world is goddamn hard on human bodies - and to show the state of medical and assistive technology - and to show priorities. The people are like the things in this world in one way: the valuable ones are too valuable to waste just because some part of them isn't working to spec. Instead they weld on part of some other machine, to make it work; and add weapons capability while they're at it. And they don't bother trying to make the prosthetics look naturalistic. In a way, in this mutated world, the aesthetic celebrates physical variety, somatic change. spoiler )

Next year in Madison

May. 21st, 2015 10:23 am
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I'm not at WisCon this year; I'm in Tokyo, because I don't have a teleporter. I hope everyone has a wonderful time, and I will see you all next year! ♥

WisCon39 Schedule

May. 20th, 2015 03:20 pm
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Here's my schedule for this WisCon!

Bridging the Generation Gap at WisCon
Sat, 1:00–2:15 pm, Capitol A
One of WisCon's greatest strengths is its generational diversity. For one weekend a year, feminist fans of all ages come together to share their common interests, from today's teens and tweens all the way through millennials, Generation X, baby boomers, and beyond. But despite the close confines of the Concourse hotel, inter-generational mingling is sometimes limited, and divides over media popularity, waves of feminism, different reactions to "fails", and how to "do" fandom can sometimes split the community. How does the perspective on these things change if you're 70, 50, 30, 20? This panel seeks to interrogate how and why these divides happen, and how we might bridge those gaps so that WisCon-goers of all ages can learn from each other.
Fellow Panelists: Eileen Gunn (M), Pat Murphy, Orange Mike, Jackie M

Intersectionality Is Not a Crossroads, It's a Venn Diagram
Sat, 4:00–5:15 pm, Capitol B
We talk a lot about intersectionality these days, but the concept is often confused with a hierarchy of oppression. Let's talk about the origins of the word, and what is meant by it.
Fellow panelists: Victor Raymond (M), Moondancer Drake, Beth Plutchak

Identity outside the United States
Sun, 4:00–5:15 pm, Senate A
Most panels at WisCon are dominated by the perspective of those from the United States. How do people from other countries experience and talk about race, culture, ethnicity, and the other issues we regularly discuss?
Fellow panelists: SoosheBot (M), Alex Gurevich

Mulan Movie Marathon
Sun, 8:45 pm–Mon, 3:00 am, Conference 3
Most people are familiar with Disney's Mulan, and this movie marathon will screen multiple versions of the same story, based on the famous Ballad of Mulan! We will start on familiar ground with the Disney movie, then straight into Jingle Ma's tearjerker, and finish with the Shaw Brothers's adaptation of the Huangmei Opera version. If you ever wanted to know how Mulan is represented in China, come and see!
Note: WEAR YOUR COMFY JAMMIES! And bring Kleenex.
I'm also looking for someone who has a laptop that can read Region 3 DVDs with a VGA hookup.

On Hugs:
I am hug-friendly. I am also a hug-giver (especially for POC). If you ask for a hug, I will give you a full-body hug. If you don't like full-body hugs, you probably should not touch me =(

On Food:
I am a meat-eater. I have a lot of issues with food texture, thus cannot eat vegetables as a result. I do like vegetable soup though. I also love sweeties, and I rather liked the hot chocolate at Michaelangelo's, the last time I was there!

On Pronouns:
I am cisgender so don't worry on my account here =)

Brief museum round-up

May. 20th, 2015 05:12 pm
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The Bridgestone Museum
This is the favorite Tokyo museum of the father-in-law of a good friend of mine, and my friend B and I more or less randomly glommed onto a line of old ladies who were queueing to get in on the Monday of Golden Week, since it closed for renovation last Monday for a period of several years. The farewell exhibit was "The Best of the Best" and was more or less the collection's greatest hits. They had a few very fine Monets, some really interesting contemporary Asian art, and two really great Meiji-era Art Nouveau paintings, Aoki Shigeru's Paradise under the Sea and Fujishima Takeji's Reminiscence of the Tenpyo Era. I wish more Japanese Western-style art of the period had taken on that sort of approach. Female artist count: two works (two different women) out of 161.

Pola Museum Annex
It was totally by chance that I realized that this museum is in the same building as one of my favorite cafes in all of Tokyo. I'd wanted to go because it's free and it's currently hosting a series of paper sculptures by Su Blackwell, who does amazing art made out of books. The level of detail and the sheer craftsmanship that went into each of her pieces is amazing, and both B and I were, it's fair to say, enchanted. Even better, there were some of our favorite books in the exhibit, including The Dark Is Rising and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I'm considering going to the actual Pola Museum, except it's in Hakone, which has that whole volcano thing going on right now. (Also I really dislike Cezanne, the current main exhibition.) We'll see.

The Ghibli Museum
It's been seven years (goodness) since my one and only prior visit to the Ghibli Museum, and they still won't let adults go on the Cat Bus. That sadness was offset by the fact that they now make Ghibli Museum beer, available in the cafe for quite a reasonable price. As much of a pain as it is to buy tickets for the museum (crucial realization: you can use the Lawson tickets website to scope out which days and times are available before going to the actual Lawson, or maybe your web browser will let you actually buy tickets online), they're quite reasonably priced for a few hours of being totally enchanted by the museum itself. I understood much more of the exhibits on the principles of animation this time around (funny how being literate will help with that) but I was, overall, just as pleased by the experience, which is still utterly charming. Miyazaki couldn't buy his pseudo-European palace house, so he built it himself in Mitaka. Also this time the movie playing in the theater was "Mei and the Kitten Bus," which is a vignette follow-up to My Neighbor Totoro and was vast improvement on the sexist "Whale Hunt" short that was on offer the last time I visited. The kitten bus was adorable, to no one's surprise.

Everywoman letter

May. 19th, 2015 12:23 pm
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Dear writer/artist,

Thank you so much for offering these fandoms/characters!

F/F or gen preferred except where noted. Crossovers totally encouraged. No non-canon character death, no rape/noncon, nothing sexual with characters under 16 or explicit with characters under 18.

This is uh, kind of long. Feel free to ignore specific prompts and do whatever speaks to you instead, here are just some ideas!

fandom specifics )

Mad Max: serendipity!

May. 18th, 2015 11:04 pm
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  • Fury Road. FURY'S ROAD. It's her road.

  • @xatharine was admiring the near-total lack of worldbuilding & I realized what that was like: fanfic. Fic where they didn't waste more than like a minute setting up apocalyptic yadda yadda or Max's numbingly predictable manpain past because lol, you already know it from canon! Fuck explaining the fucking fridged girls, okay? he's HAUNTED. GO WITH IT. Give it a minute to make it clear it's not an AU, eat that lizard, hit that pedal & chilly down with the warboys! We have some truly great OCs to get to here.

  • …seriously, did this movie remind anyone else of Labyrinth? When the rock dwellers were boppin' their motorcycles all about, IDK, I kind of got "Chilly Down" stuck in my head! The polecats too, man!

  • (Note: in a labyrinth, you walk the spiral all the way in, then you turn around and walk all the way out. I'M JUST SAYING.)

  • You have probably heard the hype and all so let me not oversell it. It's not Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It's Aliens. It's a Shit Blows Up Real Good movie. But as an example of that genre, it is GLORIOUS.

  • Let me steal [personal profile] hradzka's thoughts again, because this is perfect:
    FURY ROAD headcanon: Immortan Joe’s obsession w/ perfection gave Furiosa chance to rise. She didn’t lose that hand. She was born without it.
    Right! That's why she got to be War Smurfette instead of just more livestock!

  • Oh, my god, Immortan Joe. I am so sorry for everyone I have been blithering about this to for days. I have Mad Max Mentionitis, it's terrible. But anyway. Immortan Joe. You know who I keep comparing him to? Dr. Doom. Immortan Joe does not have Dr. Doom's problem there. Immortan Joe has an army that runs like a well-oiled machine! His minions are an energetic, competitive, dedicated, psychotically bloodthirsty Cirque de Soleil troupe of hundreds! They are all covered in white clay which is actually quite good thinking because Coppertone is probably not in business anymore and these are all white people (why are these all white people? All of them? I can't help thinking that if anyone was going to survive in an Australia devoid of mechanized civilization a fair percentage of them would be Aboriginal Australians?) and without some kind of sun protection they would crisp like chicharrones. Despite a lot of moving parts and a desperate shortage of fuel, his citadel runs smoothly: he could have used water power, but instead he keeps the young male population busy (good thinking); he's not abusing their strength because the great weights work on a system of counterbalances; the citadel not only functions well but expresses its function through its form in the best tradition of Louis Henry Sullivan! Everything in Immortan Joe's stronghold is horrifyingly beautiful, okay? His armor is carefully designed to look like muscles at the distance from which the plebs get to see him. Every bit of machine or weapon features painstakingly handcrafted skull ornamentation, it's like the Arts & Crafts movement via Iron Maiden. I love it so. This is the setup of an evil mastermind who helps his people to excel.

  • And then there's the way his army rides into battle. What a sense of style! Goddamn, no wonder the warboys are having so much fun!



  • Actually I could not get over the soundtrack in general. I am not usually a big one for movie soundtracks, but I am trying to find a way to make out with this one, because I need to consummate my love for this music.

  • No, seriously, personnel decisions are key to being a successful evil overlord! Even Immortan Joe falls down there eventually. I think his fetish for blood family was his downfall: I think the weird little dude in the chair was his brother or something. Man, if I am ever an evil warlord, and you are my second in command, and my renegade Imperator and a raggedy band of [SPOILERS] shows up with my [SPOILER], like, immediately spray them with gunfire and roll up the gates, okay? Joe was almost a truly great evil leader, but a truly great evil leader inspires his followers to develop the evil from within themselves, not to just kind of run out of evil when the boss is not right there to inspire them.

  • For a while I wondered why we kept coming back to a bolt cutter, of all things, in a Shit Really Blows The Hell Up movie. Then I realized: the movie is about liberation.

  • Speaking of the Anvil of Subtlety, let's not even talk about the seeds. Ah, fuck it, I enjoyed it. :D

  • Really, it's fic. Within the first 5 minutes Max announces that he is going to be the least interesting character in the movie. "The only thing I want anymore is to survive. I am here to provide canon continuity as you meet OCs who actually have desires and will therefore be providing motivation and a plot. In the meantime, please enjoy my muscular physique, my sad, haunted eyes, and my pouty, full lips."

  • Kameron Hurley has more cogent things to say about the film, including just how nice it is that it skips the pervy camera.

  • Seriously. Even when the nearly naked supermodels are cutting off (bolt cutter! Liberation!) the terrifying-looking chastity belts (Arts and Crafts! Iron Maiden!) and splashing water all over their diaphanous translucent gauze wisps. It's a shock! These extremely well-cared-for well-groomed women are the shock they should be, after the way everyone else is living in this apocalypse! But it's not…it's not quite the wet t-shirt Slave Leia scene that every iron-clad rule of genre is straining to turn it into. Not quite. It's a crave-inducing scene, but through Max's eyes, it's honestly a question: are the girls more eye-catching than the water?

  • And the other thing, they addressed my problem with Snowpiercer! They should have been delighted to have nice proteinaceous bugs to eat by then! Actually in this one I was so relieved to see him eat that bug because I know it's set in Australia and I figured either he killed it or it killed him.

  • I saw this movie by accident! I had a plan with @xatharine to go see Avengers! And then we accidentally bought tickets for the wrong day. And then it turned out that Avengers wasn't even showing in that theatre anymore, Mad Max was. And by the time we'd figured that out, we were like, fuck it, we're at the goddamn theatre, we're gonna watch the movie that's here. IT COULD NOT HAVE TURNED OUT BETTER.

Anti-procrastinating early

May. 19th, 2015 12:23 am
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It's officially Tuesday in my timezone and I leave for my holidays in about 10 hours.  While I've been getting my stuff ready for packing over the last few days, I have also managed to sort out a large pile of old clothes to go to the charity shop and thrown away several binfulls of assorted crap.

I've emptied the dishwasher and loaded it up to run when I leave in the morning and put all the bins to be emptied. 

On Saturday, I even went as far as using the baking soda and vinegar bomb to clean and unclog the bathroom sink.  It worked wonders - and was fun to do :-)

And while I was sorting out which bag I was going to take as a carry on, I emptied out all the junk from the bottom of my work bag, including several out of date apprentice H&S booklets and a metric shedload of broken and non-working pens.  I found an umbrella and a ruler in there, which will be useful when I'm back at work.

It's a good job I finished my packing before my usual last minute (literally) panic and cram everything into a case rush.  I got a call from work this morning and spent about 5 hours working on some stuff that could wait until I get back, but my boss was in a complete strop and I decided it wasn't worth the argument.  The email my line manager sent me was almost enough to put me over the edge and I'm hoping it's not going to affect me while I'm away. 

Anyway - I'm off to London tomorrow and Leftpondia on Wednesday and shall see whether flying posh class makes me forget how much my job sucks!!!  Visiting a gin distillery on Friday :-)

Get Jade Yeo for free

May. 18th, 2015 09:04 pm
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And help young Bulgarian writer Haralambi Markov get to World Fantasy Con!

The World SF Travel Fund has set up a Kickstarter to fund Haralambi’s attendance at WFC, along with next year’s recipient. It’s a great initiative that has so far sent international SFF readers/writers/editors/fans Charles Tan (Philippines), Karin Tidbeck and Nene Ormes (Sweden), Rochita Loenen-Ruiz (Philippines/Netherland) and Csilla Kleinheincz (Hungary) to conventions.

I’m donating the ebook of The Perilous Life of Jade Yeo as a reward, which you’ll get if you back the fundraiser at any level. Put the world in World Fantasy Con and get a free ebook! \o/ I am going to fix some typos in it (thanks, Punk!), so you know it is a great deal.

And there are some other rewards, too, I guess, like copies of The Apex Book of World SF 1, 2 and 3, and ebook bundles from Angry Robot, Solaris, Prime Books and Twelfth Planet Press. Check it out!

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