Anti-Procrastination Tuesday 11/25/14

Nov. 25th, 2014 11:41 am
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Is there something you've been procrastinating on? Something that really needs must be done, but is kind of a pain in the tuckus? Today's challenge is to do That Thing.

Go team, go! We can do it together!

NOTE: Optional 5 minute challenge for those who just do not have the brains for this challenge, because it is just too much. (Which is totally okay.) Make your bed. It will smile at you all day and welcome you when you finally come to bed. Also, if you want a super sneaky extra easy challenge that super makes a difference, you can also change the pillowcase(s). It is way easier than changing all of the sheets, but if you have any allergy issues or cats who spread their hair on your pillow or whatever it can be lovely to just have a clean pillowcase. It also doesn't add a huge new load to the laundry pile.

Extra credit challenge: If you live in the US, you are probably being bombarded with extra tasks about the upcoming holiday and I am guessing even outside the US there is probably stuff about preparing for Wintermas? Anyway, this extra credit challenge is good no matter the day, week, year, whatever. Do something self-care related: take a nap, a bath, drink some delicious tea, watch a favorite show. Just do something for you.

white sons

Nov. 25th, 2014 06:39 am
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I wrote this whole long post about what I am committing to doing, and saying, in my effort to not raise another Darren Wilson or George Zimmerman. About how I don't even know where to start with some of it, and, though it sounds obscene to say so when friends last night were having much harder and scarier conversations, still the thought of setting out to make changes to our lives seems scary and hard.

Then I saved it and did not post it. Instead, last night Mr. E and I talked about what we should do. I think maybe as non-Black people this is a good time for us to have awkward, difficult conversations about race in our own families rather than in social media.

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Nov. 24th, 2014 10:21 pm
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I don't remember what I did on Saturday. I'm pretty sure I did SOMETHING.

Yesterday I went to Riverside Plaza with Nalo. Almost missed her getting in touch with me because I wasn't checking email, and my phone was deactivated due to prepaid stuff. Anyway, we both got this 5-piece sewing rolling case which is currently on sale for $34.99, when it normally costs $124.99.

Then we went to see The Book Of Life! It was very stereotypical in many ways, but it was also incredibly satisfying, and there were many a few turns which I half-expected but still hit me hard, like Manolo's bullfighting scene. I cried about a half-dozen times. Something about scenes where the protagonist is backed by family (birth or chosen) is really moving. I also liked how Joaquin and Xibalba, despite being antagonists, are not really that unlikable.

I'm at 47k words and feeling really bleh over the Ferguson stuff.

HH and I are trying to catch up on Sleepy Hollow. We're at Ep 6 now, and tomorrow we'll try to finish the rest.

I've finally set up a piece of scrap cloth onto my new embroidery hoop. Right now working on the vines. I'm doing a backstitch on those first, before moving onto a split stitch for the smaller flowers. I'm hoping to also do a satin stitch on the small flowers, and then some long-short stitches for the big flowers.

I made a meat lasagna tonight! It was a bit too salty because I decided to add in corned beef last minute (it was sad and sitting in my fridge) but it is otherwise really delicious, and I am pleased with myself.

My neighbour also popped by to say hello and do the get-to-know-you thing. He's also big into cooking, and he thawed the wrong thing and offered me some pork sandwich. So I have one now!

This poem by Bogi Takacs is pretty trippy and neat.

Quick link-drop!

Nov. 24th, 2014 12:58 pm
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Today is so very not a day for dealing with comments or tabs or anything other than this manga rewrite and then seeing Mockingjay Part 1 tonight, but!

Mira Grant is doing an AMA on Reddit today. As usual, I'm scrambling to remember the various Newsflesh world-building questions that've been piling up in my head. ^^;

Go! Ask awesome questions!

ETA: I haven't gotten any further in my Parasite reread yet, and my copy of Symbiont won't be here for a few days anyway, so if any [community profile] aftertheendtimes members feel like starting a discussion post there when you've finished Symbiont, please do! ^_^

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Nov. 24th, 2014 08:48 am
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Good morning everyone, and welcome to Radio Free Monday!

Ways To Give:

[ profile] joiedumonde is doing geneaology and other freelance work to earn cash during a stretch of unemployment. She's offering geneaology aid and advice, from building a family tree to finding historical background on immigrant ancestors, for fair cost; you can read more about her work and how to get in touch with her here.

[ profile] nancylebov linked to the facebook page for Candy Madigan, whose husband John was mentioned a few weeks ago in a fundraiser for his hospice care (which is still going on). Those who would like updates on his condition can read more here.

Starlady linked to two science fundraisers: one for research into climate change in the Falkland islands, a penguin habitat and biodiversity hot spot, and one to help fund the distribution of blight-resistant American Chestnut trees to their native habitat to replace the four billion wiped out in a blight during the 20th century.

Wincon is a "by fans, for fans" multi-fandom con focused on providing safe fannish space for women, people of color, queer people, and other under-represented fans in popular media. They're entering their tenth year and due to demand are growing from 100 attendees to 250-300 this year. To ensure the success of this year's con and the sustainability of the larger attendance cap, they're running an indiegogo campaign with con registration, art commissions, fan crafts, and more as perks. You can read more and support the con here, check out website here, or have a look at their tumblr here.

Help For Free:

Anon linked to [ profile] chroniclebooks, who have a holiday pledge going to donate a book to a child for every reblog of this tumblr post. You can also participate on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter; more information about how is at their website and links page here.

Just For Fun:

[ profile] theactualcluegirl is a member of the band Murder Ballads, who just put out a great album of folk and filk called Pretty in Scarlet. You can have a listen at their bandcamp website. I'm particularly fond of "The Ballad Of Captain America's Disapproving Face".

While doing research for a fanfic this week I stumbled on the FoodChallenges website, which is a geographic list of all the strange and excessive "food challenges" that local restaurants offer. Find out where you can challenge yourself to eat a two pound hot dog or split an eight pound pizza with a friend. Discover fame and glory through gluttony, or just read in horrified fascination about the Ten Pound Meatball Sandwich Challenge.

And this has been Radio Free Monday! Thank you for your time. You can post items for my attention at the Radio Free Monday submissions form or via email at copperbadge at gmail dot com. If you're not sure how to proceed, here is a little more about what I do and how you can help (or ask for help!).

material girl

Nov. 23rd, 2014 09:30 pm
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Was talking on Twitter about how unfortunate it is that retail therapy totally works. :D: Only saving grace is that, at least for me, it's so much more helpful/satisfying if I'm filling a real need with whatever I'm buying than if I'm just impulse picking up some random crap.

For example, last week I bought a watch and a desperately needed new pair of work trousers. Behold, getting dressed in the morning is easier at least one day a week, and that is valuable to me. And the watch: I know people say watches are obsolete because now everyone has smart phones, and all I can say is, these must be people who don't walk around outside a lot or take public transportation. There are at least a couple of times almost every single day when I want to know what time it is and I really don't want to pull out my cell phone. Now I can!

In general, I am honestly a big fan of material things, as long as they are the right material things. Material things that are sort of what I want and sort of not just pile up in the house and make me miserable. Material things that are perfect give me a shot of genuine happiness every time I experience them or use them. Like:
  • The gorgeous coat hooks on our stairs that Mr. E and I picked out together and he installed one day to surprise me and which mean that we have a completely convenient place to put jackets and hats as soon as we come in the house and which, incidentally, are great looking
  • Chanel Cuir de Russie, which smells like old lady right when I put it on and within about 20 minutes has transformed into this rich, smooth, work-of-art leather aroma, so that for the rest of the day, no matter what kind of mess I look like, I smell like subtle, complex, recondite pleasures; and it makes my entire day better
  • My purse, which took me forever to find the exact right one, and which is exactly big enough for my wallet, coin purse, sunglasses, phone, iPod, headphones, small pocketknife, tissues, hand sanitizer, pen, lipstick and enough room to pull one thing out without knocking everything else out, and not one bit bigger or heavier or more awkward
  • Our drinking glasses, which are blue and have this smooth texture which is a small pleasure to touch every time I get a glass of water
  • Dried persimmons, for obvious reasons!

What are your favorite material things?
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[A smidgen of info for new folks: my husband ([personal profile] scruloose) and I have two Siberian kittens--which is to say, hypoallergenic kittens--who're coming up on a year and a half old. Claudia is our brown tabby girl and Jinksy is our black-with-chocolate-highlights boy, and after having had them for over a year, we're still both completely besotted.

This icon shows them in the bag they acquired ages ago when [personal profile] seolh used it to carry some things she brought us from Japan. They love that bag with all their hearts and all their claws. It's the one we use to weigh them.]

These days, Claudia and Jinksy's toys disappear completely off the face of the earth much less frequently than they once did. Possible reasons include:

a) The kittens have gotten better at retrieving the toys from wherever they've all wound up.

b) The pocket dimension is too full of toys to hold more.

c) The kittens themselves are now too big to get at the disappearance point easily or at all.


We're 99% sure there's a sizable cache of small toys someplace in the house, but we've long since (mostly) run out of ideas as to where. I think the only concrete theory that's been tossed around and not yet explored is [personal profile] seolh's suggestion that the kittens might be losing them behind the tall bookcases in the living room, which would be a huge pain to move and look behind. That said, they'd have to drop the toys from above, I think, and I feel like toys began vanishing before they were big enough to be up there much (and they only carry the crinklepuffs in their mouths, usually). Mystery!

Tonight I was saying to [personal profile] scruloose and Kas that the kittens don't look all that big anymore. They're not small, but until they were a year or so old they were distinctly on the large side for kittens. Now that they're about a year and a half old and haven't been growing much for months*, they register as perfectly normal-sized cats (although they're still clearly kittens in a lot of ways).

The cats I had growing up were all in the medium-large range, I think--IIRC, of the two I really remember, Jenny was about 15 lbs, and while Macavity was usually on the skinny side (no idea what his actual weight was), his frame was medium or higher. So my mental benchmarks aren't really configured for cats who stay on the small side into adulthood, and thus Claud and Jinksy!bear seem quite normal to me.

*It's been several weeks since we weighed them, I think, but Jinksy's probably around 11 lbs and Claudia's probably a bit under 10.5 lbs?

Mishmash post

Nov. 23rd, 2014 01:27 am
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--I keep feeling like it can't possibly be as late in the year as it is (you'd think I'd find that easier than usual, since Casual Job almost always winds up in early to mid-December), but somehow US Thanksgiving is in less than a week, and a week from tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent. O_o US Thanksgiving is my benchmark for the start of the winter holiday season even though I live in Canada; so much of my online intake comes out of the US that it's when Christmas talk really revs up, and it's generally close enough to Advent that it's not unreasonable...except I still feel like we ought to be having warm days at least sometimes, but instead it's (I think?) a particularly chilly November for Nova Scotia. At least we've been spared any real snowfall so far. *knocks wood*

--Tonight I fell into Tumblr for a while for the first time in well over a week. I really am glad I kicked the habit of catching up on it completely every day (I even used to do it when Casual Job was on, which is slightly terrifying), but I keep forgetting how relaxing I find it, for the most part. I've got a lot of social justice stuff coming across my dash, but other than that, the fannish glee and cute animals pics are delightful but low-engagement in a way that's just what my brain wants sometimes. Tumblr'll never, ever be my preferred place to be online because of that low ratio of actual communication (Dreamwidth all the way for me!), but sometimes it's just the thing.

--Actual media intake for the evening: I started my Parasite reread and got maybe four chapters in before realizing that I was staying fully engaged as long as I was actively reading but starting to fall asleep on the couch within seconds every time I looked away from the screen for even a few seconds (which I do often, what with the kittens), so I fled the couch's vortex and watched the first episode of The 100. I can't say it immediately grabbed me by the heart or anything, but there were several familiar faces among the adult cast, all of them actors I really like, so that's exciting. *^^* (Especially Paige Turco, who's my favorite recurring guest star on Person of Interest.)

--Another benefit of Casual Job wrapping up is that we can get back to some of our group viewings. We've been showing Utena to Kas gradually (we're around Ruka's introduction), and before I went back to work and [personal profile] wildpear had a Sunday evening class for a few months, we'd been in the habit of watching things with her and her husband and Kas on Sundays after Pumpkin goes to bed--which never leaves time for much watching, so shows take a while, but that's okay. ^_^

Anyway, we'd nominally started a Firefly rewatch (for once, something we'd all seen already!) ages ago, but never got past the pilot, and in the intervening time I've started really, really wanting to show them Leverage, which none of us have seen all the way through. (I've seen all but the back half of season 4 and some episodes of season 5 [I have seen the series finale]; [personal profile] scruloose has seen an unknown and scattered number of episodes, Kas has seen the pilot, and [personal profile] wildpear and her husband haven't seen it at all.)

So [personal profile] wildpear and I talked about it a bit last night, and as much as anything, GamerGate made the decision for us, because right now neither of want to see Adam Baldwin's face. (I'd been somewhat aware for a while that Baldwin's a sorry excuse for a human being, but WOW, SO AWFUL.) Leverage it is.

Rec request: Captain America

Nov. 22nd, 2014 08:06 pm
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Cross-posting from my Tumblr:

Help, you guys, I have a sudden need for all the good, long Captain America fic. The only canon I know is the movies, and I still haven't seen CA:TWS (but come on, I've Tumblr-seen it at this point), but those are not limitations to recs. I've read fic in fandoms I've never even dipped a toe in, so reading fic that draws on comics canon is A-okay by me.

I just need more Steve. Steve/anyone, Steve by himself, Steve backstory, Steve futurestory. STEVE ROGERS being his lovely principled intelligent self and wrestling with living those principles in the messy, complicated world. Or just living his daily life, idk. STEEEEEEEEEVE.

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Nov. 22nd, 2014 02:13 pm
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I have a crapton of fanfic newly archived this week -- much of it has been posted before to tumblr, but for non tumblrites it will all be new stuff!

Title: The Comic Book Guy
Rating: PG
Summary: Steve Rogers and James Barnes meet for the first time in a Hydra factory during the war.

Title: Bottle Opener
Rating: G
Summary: Clint is rebranding.
Warnings: None.

Here at Dreamwidth | Here at AO3

Title: Helping Friends Move
Rating: PG
Summary: Bruce may not have been entirely up front about his motives in asking for Clint's help moving into Stark Tower.

Here at Dreamwidth | Here at AO3

Title: The Weather Balloon
Rating: PG
Summary: Cecil is nowhere to be found, and the mayor is insisting the mysterious debris is definitely NOT a weather balloon.

Here at Dreamwidth | Here at AO3

I have also updated my "hydrocodone midnight theatre" fics, where I take prompts while whacked on post-surgery painkillers. You can find the entire Hydrocodone Midnight Theatre series on AO3, or go here for the latest stories posted to Dreamwidth (except the Izzy stories, those went in the Izzy Shorts post), but you can also find them individually as follows:

Title: Hair Apparent
Rating: PG (Gen)
Summary: You'd think Hydra would know more about hot oil.

Link: Here at AO3

Title: Thems
Rating: PG (Steve/Tony)
Summary: Steve discovers a secret simulation on the game server.

Link: Here at AO3

Title: Big Sister
Rating: G
Summary: Izzy came home early from summer camp and found a girl in DJ's workshop. That escalated quickly.

Link: Here at AO3

Title: Wrecking The Lab
Rating: R
Summary: Tony Stark and Betty Ross have been friends since they were nine, and friends with benefits since they were fifteen...

Link: Here at AO3

Title: Yankee Buck
Rating: R
Summary: Bucky is overpaid, oversexed, and over here -- but the barman doesn't seem to mind.

Link: Here at AO3

Title: Poor Little Rich Hero Girl
Rating: PG
Summary: Quinn Quire is kidnapped by Wasp and Hawkeye. Sort of.

Link: Here at AO3


Title: Someday My Prince Will Open A Transdimensional Portal
Rating: PG
Summary: T. Stark Lokason, gentleman adventurer, meets Isobel Barton, who sees right through him (and likes it).

Link: Here at AO3

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Nov. 21st, 2014 08:55 pm
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- This morning I found a calico kitty nomming on stuff I left outside. I've seen her before, and while she doesn't look incredibly underfed (unlike patchy kitty last year who was so thin I could see her ribcage) she ate with a gusto that I don't think she would have if she had an owner. She seems really skittish, although I think with time I could get her to trust me. We'll see.

- I wrote 2000 words this afternoon during the write-in.

- PK and I went to JoAnn's and I fretted about stuff. There's a 5-piece sewing roller which I'm tempted to get, and it'll be on sale in a couple of days, about $80 cheaper than it usually is. I bought some embroidery thread and an inordinate number of beads. Also some cheap fabric, which I think would make a great bra for Nisi when I finally figure out the pattern for her bra. I also went to the kids' craft aisle and got some alphabet beads. I want to make a necklace that says "FEMINAZGUL" because I think that will be amusing. Uhm. I used a $50 off for a >$150 purchse coupon. I suppose I really should stop doing that and use the stuff I buy.

- Dinner tonight was leftover chicken meat, mixed with alfredo sauce and cheese, and dinner rolls I forgot I had. I attempted some baked potatoes but apparently I am a failure and forgot to soak them first so they are pretty much ruined now. I'll do better next time.
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