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Today’s fold was a Turtle and Bunny, which is like the tortoise and the hare only they’re buddies and hang out at the mall food court together instead of serving as a turgid moral lesson for children. :D

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accidental cleaning

Aug. 27th, 2016 12:36 pm
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It's been too hot the last couple of weeks to do much, so I've let a number of cleaning tasks slide that I'm hoping to get to today. Vacuuming is the big one -- I've hated to run the vacuum cleaner and heat up the house.

... so instead, I spent the morning organizing my perfumes. It needed to be done, and I've been putting it off for months, but it didn't actually need to be done today. I'm not even sure why I started working on it.

At least I had my timers already set up, so I took breaks and everything. And I no longer have perfume samples scattered over every flat surface in my room -- YAY! -- It was just not what I was planning at all. And the vacuuming still needs to be done.

Does this happen to anyone else? You start to do one cleaning task, and find yourself caught up in an entirely different one?
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I am SATURATED. I’m the reason they invented the word “drenched”. 

The plan this morning was to leave around quarter to six, do three and a half miles on the bridges, and end up at the Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park for Saturday morning Tai Chi In The Park. It was wet out but I thought the rain had just ended.


But by the time it was raining hard enough for me to decide I should turn back I was already a mile and a quarter out, so I just turned around and ran back, but it just kept raining harder. By the time I hit my block again it was the kind of hard rain where you wouldn’t want to be out in it even if you had an umbrella and rain boots. 

Coming into the building, dripping everywhere, I ran into a family going out for an early morning walk and the look of horror that crossed their faces was hilarious. The dad actually went “Ahhhhhhhhh is it still raining” and I said, “Little bit, yeah.”

So, no Tai Chi for me this morning, I’m going to stay inside and have a hot breakfast instead. 

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Friday night mishmash post

Aug. 27th, 2016 12:18 am
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--It is way too humid. Not horribly hot, fortunately, but the humidity can GTFO any time now. Maybe tomorrow will be better on that front.

--Today's work was all fine-tuning and spot-checking and looking up flashbacks and final proofreads on a pair of very different scripts, and my brain is mulched. And that's not counting an awful lot of socialness afterwards--about as much as one can have without leaving the house or having an actual party. All of the socialness was good, mind you, but...mulch. Yeah.

--My haircut happened as planned on Wednesday, and it doesn't look all that different. Since we're now officially growing the bangs out, it was mostly a case of cutting the very back really short again and then shaping the rest a bit so as to lose as little length as possible. And then we booked my coloring appointment for just under a month from now! We've agreed to start with streaks/spatters/something of oil slick color because I'm growing my hair back to a bob, and she says that the color is very long-lasting, and dyeing all of my hair would make roots that much more obvious.

--Claudia's collar and tag are completely AWOL, and have been so for several days. We're very confused. I kind of expected them to turn up when we vacuumed a couple days ago, but nope. O_o So I guess we're gonna go get her a new set, and given that neither basic collars nor nametags are expensive, I may opt to get backups for both cats in case this happens again. She and Jinksy are indoor cats and all, but the thought of her/them getting out without a collar really freaks me out. :/

--And I know there was something else I was gonna mention, but it's gone. Poof.

Linkspam: fannish/geeky, misc.

Aug. 26th, 2016 11:17 pm
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Fannish/Geeky Things

"A Fine Vintage: John Cho to Play Wine Con Man in New Television Show, Connoisseur". [The Mary Sue]

"Zoe Quinn’s next game is a Chuck Tingle FMV dating simulator".

Our friendly new neighborhood social media site (Imzy) has announced that it's now possible to make personal blogs there, not just communities. (Note: I've seen some discussion around DW about whether that's actually a good idea, given how Imzy works/will apparently work once it's out of beta, but I can't remember where, or whether the argument is against personal blogs as opposed to "personal communities" or against using the site as a blog at all, rather than entirely for community conversations.)

Personally, I haven't really poked around it all that much, but I did snag my name and made a "personal community".

[ profile] equinox_exchange is a new spring & autumn fanvid exchange. (Also [ profile] equinox_vids, [ profile] equinox-vids, and [ profile] equinox_vids.)


I'm not signing up personally (since I suspect I'd just get behind and frazzled about that), but [ profile] lunabee34 is hosting a letter-writing challenge.

"Nick Offerman on middle-aged sex and what people get wrong about Ron Swanson".

"Why ‘Menstruator’ Should Be in Your Vocabulary".

"Artist Leaves Dress In The Dead Sea For 2 Years And It Turns Into Glittering Salt Crystal Masterpiece".

"Dear Internet: It’s Time to Fix This Mess You Made". [Wired]

"WhatsApp to give users' phone numbers to Facebook for targeted ads: Messaging service will begin sharing private information with Facebook and is preparing to allow businesses to message users".

"“Monumental Knitting” Circle Comes to Quebec this Weekend".

"'Translucent' statues haunt British forest". [Boing Boing]

"Clever Tables That Create An Illusion Animals Are Emerging From Water".

"How Censors Killed The Weird, Experimental, Progressive Golden Age Of Comics". [Saladin Ahmed at Buzzfeed] [2014]

"bell hooks And The Extraordinary Power Of Names". [The Establishment]
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There’s something incredibly satisfying about watching this shape emerge from the boat fold. It’s all the folding-back, I think. It’s a simple process but a really engaging one.

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I woke up earlier than usual this morning, so I went for an early and truncated run – last run I noticed my knee started acting up around the two mile mark, so I decided to shorten today’s run, and also around a mile in I ran through a puddle and wet shoes tend to make for blisters. So, short run. But my knee feels okay and I don’t think I’m blistering anywhere.  And I did hatch a Geodude this morning! I’m going to name him Tiberius.

As you can see my chart is a little different from normal; @digitaldiscipline, my Meathead Side of Tumblr advisor, was kind enough to send me his old Charge HR so I could try it out. I’m loving the heart rate monitor, and I did miss having the side-button you could use to start a workout. Plus I’ve always been fond of the slightly larger, flatter profile of the Charge model, and it seems like the Charge is more tap-sensitive than the Alta, you really have to thump the Alta sometimes to get it to bring up your data. I’m not as bothered by the buckle-clasp as I thought I would be. 

I do have some weird guilt about not wearing the Alta, despite the fact that I didn’t really pay for it (since it replaced an old Charge that had more than paid for itself) and b). I still FEEL like I did, and there’s no denying it’s newer and in better shape. We all have weird consumer guilt, you guys. 

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New fic for the first time in...a while.

From Here, No Lines Are Drawn (3943 words) by umadoshi
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason
Characters: Shaun Mason, Georgia Mason
Additional Tags: POV First Person, Canon Disabled Character, Pre-Canon, Menarche, damage control, Codependency, inappropriately close siblings, being thirteen is hard, navigating adolescent gender conventions

"Goody," George said, trying not to sound embarrassed. She didn't do a great job of it. "Either I'm unexpectedly hemorrhaging to death, or I'm a woman now." She spat out Option B in the same snarky sing-song she'd used after the time we watched some ancient sex ed. videos for laughs, one of which had featured a serious middle-aged lady droning about the wonders of a girl's blossoming womanhood.

Before the Rising, getting your first period meant possible messiness, embarrassment, and inconvenience.

It's worse now.

(In which Shaun Mason, age thirteen, side-eyes other boys and snuggles his sister, who's having a very rough night/morning.)

Additional notes:
--Title from Tori Amos' "I Can't See New York".
--Beta work by [personal profile] wildpear.

You can also read the fic under the cut )
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I had a sinus scan today. I never post pictures of myself, you guys know that, so enjoy getting three all at once! 


Actually if you look at the image in the upper right, you can see a large dark circle just below the bridge of my nose; that’s the gigantic hole in my septum that’s not really meant to be there. (It’s congenital, I’m fine, there’s “plenty of cartilage to support your nose left” as my doctor says.) 

His assistant said actually I’m quite lucky to have it, it means when I breathe I get a little more air, on average, than people who don’t have GAPING HOLES in their mucous membranes. 

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Really late post for which I apologise - but remember it's never too late to do something tomorrow!

So why have I thrown the word Multi-tasking into the title of this post along with the usual antiprocrastination? Well, I was reminded of a comment made several years ago at a place I was working on a temporary basis. There was a mixed group of people and one of the guys said, "How come all the girls can multi-task and we can't?" So I'm not going to comment on whether gender or anything else influences one's ability to multi-task, but for 'reasons' that part of that conversation came back to me earlier today and the result was I looked at how I could bite-size, anti-procrastinate and multi-task. Sounds too much to be true really doesn't it?

So is it possible? Now having given it some thought and gone about my evening with it in mind, I would say that sometimes it is and at times it can even help with the bite-sizing.

As an example, one of my jobs tonight was to do some laundry, so I sorted the laundry into a bag and the top of the bag was empty, so I looked around the bedroom and found a number of things that could safely be put on top of the washing and carried to where they needed to be on the way to the washing machine with minimal effort. Similarly, when I went down to retrieve the washing, I was able to carry quite a bit of the recycling on the way.

While the washing was in, I popped dinner into the oven and did 15 minutes of ironing while the oven did its magic - the result dinner served as the timer for the amount of ironing I was going to tackle in the first instance. Eating dinner was the first part of my break, and I carried on until the washing had finished using that as a timer for the end of my break.

Has anybody else got any tricks to share of ways to accomplish more than one thing at a time, or of using one task to limit another in order to keep it bite-sized.
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“Zátopek’s running style was distinctive and very much at odds with what was considered to be an efficient style at the time. His head would often roll, face contorted with effort, while his torso swung from side to side. He often wheezed and panted audibly while running, which earned him the nicknames of “Emil the Terrible” or the “Czech Locomotive”. When asked about his tortured facial expressions, Zátopek is said to have replied that “It isn’t gymnastics or figure skating, you know.””

- Everything about this paragraph is amazing. (x)
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It doesn’t photograph well, because it’s a kinetic, but the “T-Rex Puppet” actually was a lot of fun to fold and mess around with.

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Admittedly an aimless sort of post

Aug. 24th, 2016 12:58 am
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I'm try to convince myself to go to bed like a sensible person who should get up in just over eight hours. Maybe posting will help me feel like I've accomplished something and, by extension, that I can call it a day.

--Between yesterday and today I've done a lot of rewriting, trying to get as much done as possible before Gaffney arrives on Thursday. Last night my brain was still basically up and running, but today I felt a bit foggy and this evening was worse. (The thing is--especially if I shut my browser to help with my focus--I can do a really sizable chunk of a manga volume in one day. It's just that then my brain is exhausted and feels kinda pulped [which I doubt is unusual], and I don't recover very quickly.)

--Tomorrow, barring my stylist being sick or something, is finally (finally, finally) haircut day. I have no idea what I'm actually going to come out with. My first priority is getting the last traces of red cut out, but I also have to tell her that a) my hair absolutely refuses to learn to part on the side, so doing something that parts in the middle would be a plus, and b) I keep clipping my bangs back even when a haircut is fresh, so growing them out seems like a good idea. Once I grow my hair back out into a bob those points will both be covered, but in the short term, I don't know if we can deal with both at once.

--I'm basically ready to finally post the Newsflesh fic [ profile] wildpear and I have been slowly tossing back and forth for a few months. (Oh, this summer!) She gave it--and the placeholder title!!!--the green light tonight, and getting it posted before Gaffney arrives would be ideal, so that means tomorrow.

(It feels strange to be about to post something, because I got a draft on this fic so long ago and have written basically nothing since. It doesn't seem possible that I can have something ready at this point in time.)

Anyway, I think I'm really fond of this one? It's Shaun's POV, and he and Georgia are only thirteen, and my mental picture of them at that age is adorable.

--Jinksy has been having such a snuggly day, which is wonderful. *^^* He's on my lap right now, and usually that'd make me stop typing until he wandered off, but it's nearly 1 AM and bed really would be good. Besides, if he leaves because he doesn't have my full attention, maybe he'll follow me to bed and snuggle with us there...

...and yep, he just left. So I'll take the hint. Good night, all.

Misc. linkspam

Aug. 23rd, 2016 11:23 pm
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Why, it's almost like I was out of town for ten days and spent the whole time saving links to read and maybe toss out to you all, and now have a backlog to get through!

"The Sissies, Hustlers, and Hair Fairies Whose Defiant Lives Paved the Way For Stonewall".

"How to Speak to Someone About an Unspeakable Loss".

Oh Joy Sex Toy has a new comic on pelvic exams and what to expect from the experience, plus links to other resources. Below the comic is some info from a reader with tips on getting through an exam if you've been experienced sexual assault.

"Gord Downie, Justin Trudeau, and the Complicated Magic of National Mythmaking". [VICE Canada]

"8 Things Someone With 'High-Functioning' Anxiety Wishes You Knew". [The Mighty]

Via [ profile] sineala, "12 Mobile Games That Will Calm You The Hell Down". [Buzzfeed]

"Finding your queer family - when you're 65 years old".

"Anne of Green Gables Is Obviously Bisexual". [Autostraddle]

"15 Of The Most Interesting Items From Amazon's New Kickstarter Store".

"The 2020 Olympics Could Change Tattooing In Japan Forever". [Kotaku]

"100 Years Ago, Artists Were Asked to Depict the Year 2000, These Were The Results".

"16,000 Flowers Become A Living Sculpture".

"Chatham Islands black robin: The recovery of the Chatham Islands black robin from the brink of extinction is an internationally renowned conservation success story".

"Polish Sculptor Makes Water Complete Her Bronze Fountain Sculptures".

How did I not know that there's a cat-inspired version of Monopoly?

"Magicians don’t think imitation is sincerest form of flattery".

"What Babies Know About Physics and Foreign Languages".
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Fannish/Geeky Things

I enjoyed this Twitter thread, which begins with "I'm going to go on a small tweet rant about Original Characters, AUs, adaptations, franchises... & how those relate to William Shakespeare."

Panels editor Swapna Krishna posted "On the Future of Panels".

At the OSG, "How Anime and Manga Translators Learned Japanese" talks to several industry folks, including [ profile] double_dear.

A list of (mostly) fannish communities on Imzy at the fail_fandom_anon Imzy account. "Gathering spot for lost nonnies. Links to fandom and nonnie stuff on Imzy under the about page."

As you may have noticed, I rarely link stuff here from Tumblr (since that's what [ profile] ysabet is for), but [ profile] flemmings linked to this thread on the romantic fantasy genre and how it faded away in the mid-90s, superseded by other flavors of stories that met roughly the same needs.

Via [locked], "slash: romance without boundaries" is a fannish card game similar to Apples to Apples or CAH. I haven't done more than glance at it, but it's available to print and play for free at that linked .pdf.


"Why Tamora Pierce Should Be Hollywood's Favorite Author Right Now". [io9]

"Beyond Happily Ever After: Why Divorce Needs to Be An Option in Fantasy Fiction". []

"The Difference Between A Great Twist And A Mediocre Twist". [Charlie Jane Anders on io9] (Possibly I've linked this one before.)

"We Are Writing the Future: #BlackSpecFic: A Fireside Fiction Company special report".

Social Justice

"5 Things You Should Know About Your Agender Acquaintance". [Everyday Feminism] [2014]

"“She’s not even that fat!”—but I am".

"Poor teeth: If you have a mouthful of teeth shaped by a childhood in poverty, don’t go knocking on the door of American privilege".

"How Media Prevents Us From Truly Empathizing With Disabled Characters". [The Establishment] [Includes spoilers for Orange is the New Black.]

"White ‘Allies’ And The American Tradition Of Consuming Black Grief". [The Establishment]

"On Vulnerability as a Disabled Person". [Autostraddle]

Cute Stuff

A box of corgi puppies taken to a college apartment! [YouTube, ~ 3 min.] And here's a 2-minute video of the puppies all grown up, playing as adults.

"Baby Horse Demands Butt Scratches".

"Pit Bull Rescued From Michael Vick Dog Fighting Ring Now Cuddles Kittens".

The Toronto Zoo announced the birth of a Grevy's zebra filly.

"Look At This Googly-Eyed Squid". [io9]
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Heather over on LJ asked if there was any possibility of folding an origami cowbell, and while I was hoping for something a little more three-dimensional, I can’t deny this pretty much fits the bill…

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