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--It's not really surprising that I kept thinking it was the weekend today, since yesterday was my last day at Casual Job until some unspecified time in the fall. Every time I "clear out my desk", I leave more things at the office rather than lugging them home just to bring them back in a few months; this time I think only one bag of stuff came home with me, largely because it's already the end of July and the next session will probably be here before we know it. (Also, AFAIK my floor pass still works and Ginny's still there for a while, so it's much more likely than usual that I might stop in now and then and say hi to people.)

--Jinksy is still utterly miserable about his eardrops, but today he seemed less skittish between doses than he did all last week. It may be as simple as the fact that I was home most of yesterday evening and all day, so there were many times when I approached him to give pets and skritches rather than to scoop him for drops, as opposed to the past week when [ profile] scruloose and I were both working all day and out many evenings. (We tried to make sure there were many attempts at petting so he wouldn't equate our approach with unhappiness, but it didn't seem to work well. ;_;)

--Tonight I finally started reading Velveteen vs. The Seasons, after skimming/rereading chunks of Velveteen vs. The Multiverse. *quiet flails* It's taken (what feels like) forever to get this far because--on top of how busy I've been with work and stuff--the pattern of "rereading things takes me a really long time" continued (continues?) with Rise. I finally finished rereading Please Do Not Taunt the Octopus a couple days ago, which leaves only another read-through of the two new-to-the-anthology novellas that I read for the first time last month, and I figured at that point I could also move on to reading something else alongside.

I still feel like rereading should be a much faster process. :/ (I mean, I assume it takes so long because already knowing what happens guts the momentum, but knowing/theorizing that doesn't keep it from feeling weird to me.)

--I'm so very done with humidity. The actual temperature has tended to be on the hot side, but not too much so, and I can work with that. But ugh, the humidity.

--I haven't seen Star Trek Beyond yet, and I'm not at all sure I'll manage it before Toronto. Possibly we'll look into an afternoon showing one day while we're there (especially if it's really hot!), if we can find 2D showings. (It's been so long since I've seen movies in Toronto that I don't know if 2D showings are as scarce/aggravatingly scheduled as they are here; at least they have theatre chains besides Cineplex, unlike us, which presumably opens up more options.)

In these times

Jul. 29th, 2016 02:34 pm
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I called my father this afternoon, who commented that I sound tired. Well, yeah, because I'm staying up way too late reading Wimsey pretty consistently. In that vein, I'm trying to put together my thoughts on the second half of Murder Must Advertise, which is difficult because it's a perfect book.

Sadly my Samsung phone is too full of bloatware to make catching Pokemon feasible for me at this point, but there is a Pokemon Go community on Dreamwidth now, for those who might be interested in that sort of thing:

PokeStop - a Pokmon Go community

Linkspam: fannish/geeky, cute, misc

Jul. 29th, 2016 11:09 am
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Fannish/Geeky Things

"At 75, Wonder Woman Lassos In A New Generation With An Ageless Fight". [NPR]

"‘The Killing Joke’ Doesn’t Deserve Credit For The Creation Of Oracle".

"Knit Your Comics: Captain America Shield Shawl". [Women Write About Comics]

"Supergirl's Man of Steel Has Finally Suited Up". [io9]

"The Ballad of Peter Parker: Hannah Blumenreich’s Spidey Zine". [Women Write About Comics]

Cute Stuff

"If Only Our S.O. Would Look At Us The Way These Pups Look At Their Owners".

"16 Corgi Mixes That Will Melt Your Cold, Unloving Heart". [Buzzfeed]

"Watch a Darling Scottish Wildcat Kitten Emerge For the First Time". [Mental Floss] [~1 minute]

"21 Photos Of Cats Using Your Thoughtfully Selected Gifts".

"21 Pictures Of Huge Floofy Maine Coons". [Buzzfeed] (Someone in comments says #6 is a Siberian. Um. Not so much, random person. I can't always distinguish between Norwegian Forest cats and Maine Coons, and am not entirely reliable on Siberians, but that lovely creature is not a Siberian.)

"21 Cats Who Are Too Majestic For This Earth". (Or not.) [Buzzfeed]


"Ceramic chemistry set is perfect for tea-loving scientists".

"Pets That Are Stuck But Pretending Everything Is Fine".

"Ousted EMI boss: pirates are our best customers, suing is bad for business". [Boing Boing]

"A Human Lego Minifigure Is All Your Nightmares Come True".

I think I've linked the Fluevog Flueseum before, but apparently it was still a WIP at the time, as it was actually announced in one of their recent emails, and it seems much more comprehensive now. (Look! It's my very first 'vogs, and even in the color I have!) I do wish it also showed all the colorways that were available instead of just picking one, but one can't have everything.

"Comparing Vision: Cats vs. Humans".

"Like It or Not, “Smart Drugs” Are Coming to the Office". [Harvard Business Review]
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sorcerer_front mech.indd Sorcerer to the Crown UK PB

I did a little post about my Disney’s Gargoyles feels for the Tor UK blog to celebrate! Gargoyles was so good. *_* If you’ve been waiting for the paperback, here’s where you can buy the book!

Penguin Random House
Barnes & Noble
Hudson Booksellers

Pan Macmillan
WH Smith
Amazon UK

These sites offer free shipping worldwide
Book Depository (US and UK editions available)
Wordery (UK edition only)

I had all these great plans to write more Publishing Journey posts around this time but er I’m a bit busy at the moment. Once I’ve emerged from the haze of book 2 rewrites and day job stuff I’ll do more! In September it’ll be a year since Sorcerer came out so that might be a good time. Do leave a comment, email or let me know on Twitter or Facebook if there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear about my experiences of writing and publishing.

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I’ve adopted a new meme/slogan, which is whenever we see something unbelievable at this conference, I turn to an imaginary camera and deadpan say, “Nashville.” I had a mental “Nashville.” moment when I saw the military cargo jeep retrofitted as a barbecue catering truck. Like, I want it to cater the next party I throw, but…Nashville.

I also saw a genuine Trump bumper sticker on a van this morning. You don’t see those in Chicago and I had a moment of horror before I thought to myself, oh my god, it’s a TRUMPER STICKER.

We’re headed for a fascist nationalist state, but at least I got one good pun out of it.

I scouted out a run trail for myself yesterday, which I had hoped would take me down to the river and let me run along it, but no such luck; instead I just had to run along one side of a cement retaining wall the whole way. I had also hoped to run across the river where googlemaps showed a bridge, but the bridge turned out to be a freeway, and I feel like I am not yet ready to go running on the freeway, even at four in the morning.

Anyway, don’t listen to FitBit; it says I ran 2.94 but I know I did 3.16, which is what it was telling me I did before I told it I was running. I thought I’d tweaked my stride but apparently not?

High humidity also fucks with the Fitbit’s stair counter, so it thinks I climbed like 30 flights of stairs. Oh Fitbit, you poor confused baby.

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Pokémon Go is my first actual experience with Pokémon in any form, so it has zero nostalgia factor for me. It's fun seeing how excited people are about it, though!

My own playing is still really haphazard and confined to bus and car rides, but I've hit level 6 and picked a team (blue) by the simple method of texting [ profile] shiroiko in Toronto and saying "What team are you on?" (If there's a benefit to sharing a team with online friends, I haven't heard about it, so I figured being on the same team as friends I'll see in person was the way to go.) I still haven't technically been to a gym--last night [ profile] scruloose and Ginny and Kas and I went for supper and there was a gym in close enough range of the restaurant that I could click it and choose a team, but after that, it told me I was out of range.

After supper I bounced a handful of questions off [ profile] inkstone, so now more things make sense to me. Yay! (Other things are still confusing, but I think they're probably glitches rather than deliberate interface choices? Although whoever positioned the Settings button so it's hidden under the red "No GPS signal" bar gets a lot of side-eye from me. >.> I was trying to turn the damn music off while I was indoors on the first day or so, and GPS wasn't connecting, and I could not find the settings to save my life. WTF, somebody-somewhere?)

And now [ profile] inkstone has made this happen for folks on Dreamwidth:

PokeStop - a Pokémon Go community

While I'm on the subject, two links:

"If 'Pokémon Go' Freezes While Catching a Pokémon, Here's How to Make Sure You Keep It".

"Future Pokemon Go features include more Pokemon, customizable PokeStops and trading". (Short article about the SDCC panel.)
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Paprika Baby no.1 is starting to ripen! #sam-gardens #crosspost

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okay admittedly this fold is a little insane but the resulting Swimming Turtle is pretty charming. (DW/LJ users, you can follow the link to tumblr for the diagram.)

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Groggy mishmash post

Jul. 26th, 2016 08:00 am
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--I woke up before my alarm, in that awkward window of time when it's not really enough before the alarm for it to seem like a good idea to try going back to sleep, thus risking having the alarm go off during a dream or something.

--I really hope some (most) of why Jinksy is so subdued right now is all the heat and humidity, not just the sad betrayal of eardrops. Poor kittenbear. It's breaking our hearts.

--We have so much rain (well, "showers")/drizzle/humidity in the immediate forecast. Ugh. The humidity is what kills me.

--On the TV front, I still haven't decided what to do about watching the rest of Penny Dreadful. I also haven't finished Person of Interest (I'm still ~halfway through season 5), and [ profile] scruloose and I are only one ep. into this season of Killjoys...mainly because every time we have a chance to watch something together I want to watch The Americans. We're now one ep. into season 3. I'm not feeling fannish or wildly in love, but I love lots of things about it and am fascinated.

--I think this is what slipped my mind in my last non-linkspam post: [ profile] scruloose was going over some military/technobabble stuff in Arpeggio of Blue Steel with me, for a volume I have digital files for instead of a hard copy, and I was annoyed about all the flipping back and forth between files...and he said, "Well, you could get a dual-monitor setup." *blinks* I think this had come up on Twitter before (ages ago, when I was also working on a volume from a digital copy--possibly in talking to [ profile] torachan?), and I use two monitors at Casual Job, and yet...somehow it hadn't really crossed my mind as something I could, practically speaking, do at home. But I probably can. We may look into it once the worst of the "EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING AT ONCE" part of August is over. (Which may mean "in September".)

--Now, of course, something else has slipped my mind. ^^; But it's time to get ready for work anyway. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

neat vs clean

Jul. 26th, 2016 01:49 am
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have been talking to my partner lately about the differences between "neat" versus "clean" and i had a revelation of sorts. am sharing because maybe it can help someone else?

personally, clean i can do. i like clean, it makes me feel more comfortable in my environment. sometimes it's hard because spoons and i have to recruit help for certain tasks or be more lax on other things like how often i change the cat litterboxes entirely. but clean gives me nice feelz.

neat though? neat makes me panicky. and neat is something my partner really likes so i make an effort, but i don't really know what the hell i'm doing. at all.

partner has tried helping with installing hooks, providing baskets for my knitting that lurks around the sofa, providing bins for the TV remotes, etc. but ultimately there is usually a point where she goes, "soooooo" and that's when I tidy. and then in 24 hours it is...not tidy. again.

the revelation? "tidy" in my house means "making the house ready for guests" and no one in my family of origin actually has a system. one parent would happily never put things away ever again and yells if you move their things (even if it's "i dusted your desk for you and okay so maybe some papers moved around"). the other parent will tidy things periodically, but it's kind of haphazard and has a side effect of "where did my things actually go?" because nothing has a Spot where it lives. "Put Away" means "Put where no one can see it."

anyway for me "tidy" thus means either "horrible fight incoming" or "now i must spend hours locating the things i accidentally hid from myself."

i have improved somewhat though? because in high school you literally could not see my floor and i never actually put clothes away ever (dirty or clean) and those are both things i try to manage. but otoh, i do leave knitting scattered about and also cat toys and blankets and shawls and things so. it's a process.

though not always? when family is out of town it is way easier for me to cook, because i put the jam in the same spot in the fridge! and it's right there! no digging around required! so i think there is hope.

tl;dr does anyone else struggle with keeping things neat? do other people struggle more with keeping things clean? both? someone have a Completely Different Paradigm?

also, if you have suggestions for organizing that don't involve buying fancy containers and then not actually using them, that would be great.
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Okay, the massive backlog of misc. linkspam has got to go. It really does. Apologies for the extremely minimal pretense of sorting this stuff; the social justice chunk (from a separate but also backlogged list) is up first to make it easy to skip over if you want to go sifting through the truly miscellaneous stuff in search of lighter fare.

first cut: social justice (20 links) )

second cut: science-related stuff (8 links) )

third cut: food-related stuff (9 links) )

fourth cut: everything else (50-odd links) )

My life.

Jul. 25th, 2016 09:49 pm
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Well, I deliberately avoided using any kind of luck or money attracting herbs in the little charm bag I made last night, because I wasn’t lookin’ for that, but today I got a letter that I was getting a raise anyway. 

It’s a 2% raise, which is basically cost-of-living, but still nice. After taxes I’ll have enough for one really nice meal out, three decent meals delivered, or half my groceries for the month. But I also discovered many years ago that the way to make a small amount of money seem more is to convert it into a very simple unit:


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As previously stated, I love Sarah Monette's posts on the Wimsey books—they're what got me to read these novels—but occasionally as a historian I have to shake my head in despair over English majors, and Murder Must Advertise is one of those times. Monette is very right to point out the elements of class conflict as symbolized by the lethal iron staircase and the ambiguous anarchy of the company cricket match, but there's a whole other level on which this novel is working: namely, a critique of capitalism.

Capitalism and the tarot )

And I haven't even gotten to the cricket match yet. It is, in other words, an entirely brilliant and deceptively straightforward book.
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Oh man, J. Cole just earned all their cred back with me, this Scissor Hand Robot was AWESOME TO FOLD.

(LJ/DW users, you may not get the folding instruction images – you can hop over to the tumblr post linked in this post to see the instructions if you’re curious.)

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(no subject)

Jul. 25th, 2016 08:04 am
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Good morning everyone, and welcome to Radio Free Monday!

Ways to Give:

Anon linked to a fundraiser for [ profile] bunnycrazedgamer; Aidan is a gay transgender man who is currently unemployed and will need to leave his apartment soon. His parents don't accept his identity and he's trying to avoid moving back into an abusive household. He's raising money to find a new place while he looks for work; you can read more and support the fundraiser here.

[ profile] a_phoenixdragon has been put in a precarious situation after job offers she and her husband received were retracted; they are now looking for work and fundraising to keep the lights and phones on, keep their kids fed, and keep gas in the car in the meantime. You can read more and support their fundraiser here.

[personal profile] erika has left her hometown after losing her job from the consequences of an assault she experienced. She's found a new job in California, but is waiting for the paperwork and start date and needs help with necessities, including food and medication, and housing in the meantime. You can read more and help her out here.

[ profile] rilee16 is still struggling to cover medical expenses after two head injuries last year, and hasn't been cleared to return to work, thus can't earn money to cover basic living costs, let alone the bills they've received. You can read more and help out here.

[ profile] editrx has been struggling to keep her indy bookstore afloat for this past year, and on top of her troubles there, she's now been the subject of a violent assault by her housemate. She's dealing with mounting medical bills and trauma from the assault and needs a lawyer to ensure her attacker is charged properly and convicted. You can read more and give here, or support Starcat Books by purchasing here. She also has jewelry for sale on Etsy. (Obviously if you're shopping her etail or etsy there may be a delay in delivery.)

Help For Free:

Emma is a postgraduate student working on her dissertation, studying creativity, innovation, and disruption. She has a survey available, open to anyone over the age of 18. You can read more and take the survey here; taking the survey also enters you in a prize draw for some small cash prizes.


[ profile] xandrianirvana and her friend/roommate are looking for queer-friendly housing in the Seattle, WA area, preferably under $1500 a month; they are both steadily employed and have good rental records, but need to move ASAP. You can reach her at xandria.nirvana at

[ profile] darlingarmadillo has two rooms to rent in her vintage 3-bedroom condo in Rogers Park in Chicago. Close to Northwestern and Loyola, walking distance to Howard and Jarvis Red Line stops, central air, washer/dryer in unit, two cats, $650/$750 (depending on room) plus utilities. You can read more and get in touch here.

And this has been Radio Free Monday! Thank you for your time. You can post items for my attention at the Radio Free Monday submissions form or via email at copperbadge at gmail dot com. If you're not sure how to proceed, here is a little more about what I do and how you can help (or ask for help!). If you're new to fundraising, you may want to check out my guide to fundraising here.
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Fannish/Geeky Things

"The ship in 'Star Trek: Discovery' was likely inspired by vintage concept art".

"NASA Will Put Rocket Raccoon And Groot On Its New Mission Patch".

"How Torontonians are Hacking Pokémon Go". [Torontoist]


Via [ profile] calissa, "5 Pieces of Writing Advice You Should Ignore".

Katherine Locke posted "Liminal Space, and The Tension Between Our Inner and Outer Selves".

A 2009 post from N.K. Jemisin: "Describing characters of color in writing".

[ profile] calissa recently posted a list of Australian SFF book bloggers.

Author Victoria (V.E.) Schwab "On the slow pursuit of Overnight Success".

"How to Write Protagonists of Colour When You’re White". [Justine Larbalestier] (Last year she also posted "On Writing PoC When You Are White".)

"Who Can Tell My Story?" [Jacqueline Woodson]

"20 Things I Learned From Clarion". [Isabel Yap]

"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: On Being a Pro Writer". [Delilah S. Dawson]


"A Look Inside Honest Ed’s Months Before Closure: Sixty-eight years since its opening—and now near closing—the iconic Toronto shop still has dedicated customers". [Torontoist]

"Announcing the Winners of the Third World Oceans Day Photo Contest".

"Visions: Phenomenal photos of the world’s wonders". [National Geographic]


"How to 'Pin' apps in Android 5.0 Lollipop: You can lock your device to a single app with a new feature in Lollipop called Screen Pinning".

"Gunshot Wounds: What to Do If You or Someone Near You Gets Shot". [The Survival Doctor] [ETA: [ profile] davidgillon has some concerns about this one.]

"8 Tricks to Take Better Photos With Your Phone". [Gizmodo]

"300+ Fool-Proof Fonts to use for your Book Cover Design (an epic list of best fonts per genre)".

The Programming Historian "offers novice-friendly, peer-reviewed tutorials that help humanists learn a wide range of digital tools, techniques, and workflows to facilitate their research".
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I have no idea how far I actually ran today, since I screwed up the route I was going to run and then also encountered some detours. I have to take FitBit’s word for it, which you know I hate doing. :D 

I’m pretty pleased, though, I’m now regularly running 3+ miles without walking for more than ninety seconds at a time. (Those ninety seconds are SO NECESSARY, however.) 

Also, hello to all the DW/LJ readers out there. I took up running a while back, which you may or may not know, and I post my results when I run, so if you’re checking your flist early in the morning you’ll start to see a lot of these. :D

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