May. 6th, 2012

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It is Saturday night, Internets! What's in Karen's tabs?

I have spent most of the day writing, re-watching the third season of Avatar: The Last Airbender (god so brilliant although as always I thought there should be more made of Katara's bloodbending and of course while I think both Katara and Aang are lovely people who would be just great together once Aang had grown up a little I still cannot help shouting, "NO! HE IS TWELVE!" at the screen when they kiss) and dissecting the Avengers movie with my friend Melanie who FINALLY got to see it, since she is in the wilds of North America, where it opened TODAY, how awful.

So not a lot of tabs today.

Nail Polish:

I have been doing Avengers nail polish. Becauseā€¦ I am a dork, and also I love painting crap on my nails.

So far, Captain America:

The Black Widow:

The Hulk:

Candy Girl! The NZ online store for nail polish.

Do you live in New Zealand? Do you love nail polish? Are you sick of paying horrific amounts for said nail polish? Do you know that in the US it's like seven bucks a bottle for the really good stuff, what IS that, why is everything so CHEAP there? Also are you sad that you can't find interesting colours at your local pharmacy/department store?

Then check out Candy Girl. Like, for example, the China Glaze Hunger Games collection. I bought Harvest Moon, which is GORGEOUS, for (comparatively) very cheap, plus some other stuff, and when they sent it to me they included LOLLIPOPS. Best forever, Candy Girl, you have stolen my heart.

Laughing At:

Memos From Fury.

Everyone's favorite director of S.H.I.E.L.D. deals with the shenanigans in constant play under his all-seeing eye.

The incredibly awfularious shield designs at A Wiki Of Ice and Fire. Like, not hilaribad because of the artists, who are only drawing what GRR Martin described. The actual shield designs he describes.

House Dayne: Frilly!

House Banefort: "Well, we have a fort, and we're totally evil."

House Blackmont: What an anti-abortion protestor would stick on a poster to illustrate how the culture of liberalism is carrying away America's babies.

And that's it this week, Internets! What's in your tabs?

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