Jan. 23rd, 2012

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Me: Oh my god! Is that a tagine? It is!
Dad: Neither your mother or I know what that is.
Me: Is it ours? Was it a gift?
Dad: Yes. What do we do with it?
Me: Oh, SO MANY THINGS. Don't worry. I've got this covered. This is going to be great.

Of course, my dad is unlikely to eat the results. He's a meat and three veg kinda guy, and one of the veg is always potatoes.

But I made katsudon from scratch tonight*, and yesterday's dessert was bananas in rum sauce and I made a damn good lemon creme brulee the other day, so I think my cooking fairy is sprinkling the good dust all over me right now.

Tagine powers, go!

* As in, I made the tonkatsu, and then I made them into katsudon and it was AMAZING. My favourite meals in the world probably go roast beef, chicken souvlaki and tonkatsu, in that order. Mmmmm meat.

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